Xtremepush and Sportradar’s Vaix collaborate to improve operators’ customer retention rates

The integration improves real-time communication with bettors.
The integration improves real-time communication with bettors.

Xtremepush and Vaix’s combined technical capabilities provide operators with a means of identifying high-value bettors and those at risk of churn.

Press release.- Vaix, a Sportradar company and a leading supplier of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in iGaming has teamed up with Xtremepush, the leading customer engagement platform for player retention in the sports betting and gaming industry, to provide operators with the technical capabilities required to increase customer retention rates.

Combining Vaix’s deep customer insights with Xtremepush’s expertise in real-time, multichannel delivery enables operators to engage bettors on the right channels at the right time on a personalised level. 

End users receive messaging, offers and content tailored to their personal interests and wagering behaviour delivering increased engagement for operators.

The pairing of Vaix and Xtremepush’s technical capabilities provides operators with a means of identifying high-value bettors and those at risk of churn. 

This level of insight enables operators to adjust their marketing strategies, serving more appropriate and timely content in order to improve player and bettor engagement and increased customer lifetime value.

The integration improves real-time communication with bettors, delivering more effective messages to reduce bettor churn and increase retention rates while improving customer lifetime value for sportsbooks and iGaming operators.

Robbie Sexton, director of partnerships at Xtremepush said: “We are absolutely delighted to have teamed up with Vaix. Our two platforms complement each other greatly, giving operators access to a wide variety of tools to communicate more effectively with their players by having a deeper understanding of their behaviour and sending messages that mean more to them. 

“We look forward to a long, fruitful relationship and are excited to see how the technologies develop as we collaborate further.”

Jay Kanabar, chief operating officer at Vaix commented: “As the sports betting and gaming industry matures, operators are turning to increasingly sophisticated services to help them achieve growth. 

“Connecting our AI and predictive capabilities with Xtremepush’s ability to deliver real-time, multichannel campaigns enables operators to communicate with players on a much more personal level and enhance the sports betting experience. 

“This integration has the power to generate meaningful growth for both businesses, by adding considerable value to both new and existing clients.”

VAIX AI and predictive modelling is available on all Xtremepush engagement channels across App, Web, Email and SMS as part of its multichannel marketing solution.

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