Wind Creek casino sued over violent assault

A woman is suing Wind Creek for negligence after a violent attack.
A woman is suing Wind Creek for negligence after a violent attack.

A professor of law has warned casinos to be proactive in protecting customers following a lawsuit against Wind Creek.

US.- Pennsylvania’s Wind Creek Bethlehem is being sued by an elderly woman who was violently assaulted and kidnapped during a robbery in 2019.

Jean Hartranft is suing the gaming property on the grounds that it was negligent during the attack, claiming that it should have stopped the robbery and assault with appropriate security and surveillance practices.

The perpetrator had watched Hartranft win on slot machines, then followed her to the property’s car park where he attacked her and stole $7 from her purse.

Nova Southeastern University law professor Robert Jarvis told “Casinos must provide appropriate security to protect their patrons.”

Otherwise, “casinos open themselves up to lawsuits by patrons who are injured or killed while on their premises. Even with insurance, such suits tend to be costly and time-consuming to defend.”

Jarvis emphasised that casinos should have appropriate security but said: “Most importantly, all staff members, not just those on the security detail, need to be alert for intruders and other potential problems and act proactively, and not just reactively.

“Keeping one’s eyes and ears open has to be a casino staff watchword.”

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