Lidiia Vakulenko, COO at Atlaslive: “We are technically ready to adapt to new requirements quickly”

Lidiia Vakulenko, COO at Atlaslive: “We are technically ready to adapt to new requirements quickly”

Lidiia Vakulenko discusses Atlaslive’s innovative Sportsbook Platform, its expansion into Latin America, and the company’s strategic vision.

Exclusive interview.- Atlaslive is a B2B software provider for igaming operators and one of the Best Sports Betting Provider in 2024 with their innovative, fast, and fully automated Platform. 

Powered by strong technical expertise and knowledge of the specific and at the same time extremely evolving global market of igaming, Atlaslive continues to grow, develop, and create customizable and flexible solutions for demanding operators

Lidiia Vakulenko, chief operating officer at Atlaslive, explains how integrating their Sportsbook benefits operators, outlines the company’s new initiatives in Latin America, and reveals the latest changes within the company.

Hi Lidiia, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Atlaslive is well-known for its innovative Platform and, namely, Sportsbook, which offers numerous advantages to iGaming operators. What makes Atlaslive’s Sportsbook more advanced compared to others?

Sportsbook API integration offers a swift solution for igaming aggregators, platforms, and operators who either lack a Sportsbook entirely or seek to enhance their current one. Atlaslive’s Sportsbook time to market is incredibly quick – from 2 days to 6 weeks. Atlaslive’s Sportsbook speeds up the process of launching operations. 

We understand that in our industry, time is money, and no one wants to waste either. While integration with some providers can be delayed, our setup is quick and efficient. This is a big advantage because it allows our partners to begin operations swiftly without the lengthy delays that can often come with new software implementations.

Our Sportsbook comes with fully automated operations, multi-provider integration, top betting options and complete customization of configurations. Additionally, our Sportsbook can be seamlessly integrated anywhere while functioning dynamically and updating in real-time. 

This flexibility and automation give operators easy access to all the essential data they need — from sports and betting options to odds and customer interactions. By making our comprehensive and user-friendly platform, we help operators tailor their services to meet their specific needs and goals. 

“Atlaslive’s Sportsbook time to market is incredibly quick – from 2 days to 6 weeks.”

Lidiia Vakulenko, chief operating officer at Atlaslive.

With Atlaslive’s dynamic growth, how are you adapting to meet market needs, and what are your goals for expanding the company’s presence?

We’re reaffirming our status as one of the premier igaming providers and are dedicated to achieving excellence every day. Our main priority is fully integrating and establishing ourselves in crucial markets such as LatAm, Eastern Europe, Africa, and South-East Asia. 

Our product is exceptional because it’s designed to be both scalable and customizable, providing full automation to help our partners effectively expand into their target markets. The unique adaptability of Atlaslive Platform allows igaming operators to customize settings across any sport or gaming preference, which is fundamental as different regions have varying tastes and regulatory requirements. 

Our platform includes various components that ensure flexibility, such as customizable user interfaces, real-time analytics, and region-specific game offerings, making it a comprehensive, adaptable solution for any igaming business. To meet market needs, we continuously adapt by understanding and integrating regional preferences and trends into our platform.

Building on our past achievements, we’re committed to strengthening our presence in these regions, utilizing our reliable and adaptable iGaming platform to attract new partners and provide outstanding value.

As everyone monitors today the emergence of regulated gambling in Latin America, anticipating shifts in regulation and technology, how does Atlaslive plan to both adapt to and lead the market dynamics in the LatAm igaming sector?

In Latin America, the online gaming scene is changing fast because of new rules and tech upgrades. At Atlaslive, we are actively monitoring these changes and preparing ourselves to not just adapt but also continue to lead in this emerging market. To stay ahead, we’re learning more about the market to get a clear picture of what’s happening now. This deep analysis will help us step into the Latin American market with confidence, knowing exactly what to do based on what we’ve learned.

Our goal is to provide top-notch B2B services, offering reliable and cutting-edge solutions. Our systems are almost always up, with a 99.99 per cent uptime, and we rarely have any issues. 

We believe that new tech will help the market grow. By using technologies like instant payments and tailored gaming experiences, we aim to keep up with the changing needs of the businesses we work with and their customers. As these markets start to follow global rules more closely, we see big growth opportunities for well-established gaming companies and newcomers.

How might Atlaslive’s experience in other global markets benefit its approach in the LatAm igaming sector?

Even though the laws in this region are still being shaped, we’re technically ready to adapt to new requirements quickly. We’re always on top of regulatory changes and software needs, gathering local insights and preparing for any adjustments needed. Our ability to adapt quickly, combined with our technology, allows us to meet the specific demands of local players, operators, and regulators effectively.

In Brazil, there’s a growing interest not just in sports betting but also in casino games. Our platform is well-prepared for this interest with a casino component that includes over 10,000 games from leading international providers. This broad range of games ensures that we can cater to the diverse preferences of the Brazilian market, making Atlaslive a strong and adaptable player in the Latin American iGaming environment.

We know about your recent changes – transition from Atlas-IAC to Atlaslive, important for a company with such experience and influence in the iGaming market. What was the purpose of these changes, and why did you decide to make rebranding now? How do these changes fit into your company’s strategy?

This marks a pivotal moment for our company, reflecting our vibrant growth and deepening partnerships within the igaming sector. Our transition from Atlas-IAC to Atlaslive signifies our unwavering dedication to innovation and our position as leaders in the iGaming industry. It embodies our overarching business strategy of embracing market changes and harnessing technological advancements to better serve our partners.

Today, we proudly collaborate with over 100 partners worldwide. The Atlaslive platform caters to over 30,000 player logins per minute, 50,000 settled bets per minute, and 350,000 casino spins per minute. Our rebranding initiative is an integral component of our broader business strategy, extending across global markets. 

We are committed to continually enhancing our core product offerings, including Sportsbook API Integration, Casino, Bonus Engine, Payment Systems, Risk Management and Anti-fraud, Mobile App, Business Analytics, Retail CRM, and CMS. We establish a seamless connection between business aspirations and opportunities, ensuring our platform remains at the forefront of the industry’s evolution.

Looking ahead, what are your upcoming plans, and what industry events do you plan to attend?

As we look forward, we have several exciting plans, particularly focusing on key events in our industry. Soon, we will be attending the MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit in Tallinn and SiGMA Asia in Manila. Additionally, we’re planning to visit iGB L!VE in Amsterdam and the SBC Summit in Lisbon. These events are crucial for us as they allow us to stay at the forefront of the industry, showcase our latest innovations, and strengthen our position among the best in the field.

Attending these events enhances our visibility as well as opens up opportunities for new partnerships and further growth. Keep an eye on our updates, and stay tuned for more news as we continue to expand and evolve.

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