WA.Technology: “Our goal is to be the number one igaming platform in Latin America”

Axel Antillón, WA.Technology
Axel Antillón, WA.Technology

Focus Gaming News had an exclusive interview with Axel Antillón and Renzo Escalante from WA.Technology to discuss their preparations and expectations for the upcoming Peru Gaming Show.

Exclusive interview.- Axel Antillón, WA.Technology’s regional director for LatAm, and Renzo Escalante, regional marketing manager for LatAm, sat down with Focus Gaming News to discuss their preparations and strategic objectives for the upcoming Peru Gaming Show.

They elaborated on the significance of the event, the evolving sports betting landscape in Latin America, and WA.Technology’s commitment to providing tailored solutions for the region’s unique market dynamics.

WA.Technology will be present at the Peru Gaming Show. How are you preparing for this event in LatAm?

Axel: Peru is a regulated market of great value to us. WA.Technology has been working for weeks on different preparations, both for ​​the exhibition itself and for configuring, adapting, and aligning our gaming verticals with this market’s various requirements.

Renzo: PGS2024 is one of the most important events in the region and WA.Technology is ready to receive the various operators who will meet us at Stand 42 on the 12th and 13th.

We have a top-level commercial team knowledgeable about the Peruvian market and the reality of gaming in Latin America. We are also a sponsor of the fair, as we are committed to this event, which sets the trend in this sector year after year.

What expectations and objectives do you have for this event?

Axel: Our goal is to be the number one igaming platform in Latin America. Attending this event excites us because we can present to the market all our technological potential and our managed and extended services, which we have designed especially for the Peruvian market.

Renzo: Our expectations are great. We know the universe of interested operators and investors who gather at this event, and we, as the central axis in Latin America, will present to them the solutions we have for the region and specifically for the Peruvian reality that is now dressed in legality and allows an operation to be carried out. Safer and more robust.

While all eyes are on Brazil, Peru is also an important country that has made legislative changes in recent years to allow gaming. How do you view the industry’s landscape there?

Axel: Peru’s online igaming market represents a significant portion of the betting market in Latin America. In the last year, our company has received many requests for a product aligned with betting content in Peru and current regulatory requirements. We have been working on personalising our offer to provide a range of high-end products.

“Peru’s online igaming market represents a significant portion of the betting market in Latin America.”

Axel Antillón, WA.Technology’s regional director LatAm.

Renzo: Legality always brings security and is what this current panorama projects. Peru bets mainly on soccer. 90 per cent of bets are allocated to this vertical, and the indicators are very encouraging.

According to Sherlock Communications, Peru is the second market with the most bets in the sports vertical in South America. This survey shows that 18 per cent of those evaluated bet more than once a week, 16 per cent do so once or several times a month, 37 per cent have bet a few times in their lives, and 12 per cent do it when there are big events like the World Cup, Copa América, or Copa Libertadores.

Likewise, this study detailed that the main factors for choosing a betting house were that they offer free bets and special offers (65 per cent), have a simple local payment system (60 per cent) and have an easy-to-navigate website (55 per cent). 

“Peru is the second market with the most bets in the sports vertical in South America.”

Renzo Escalante, WA.Technology’s regional marketing manager LatAm.

These fantastic indicators, plus the cohesion of Peruvian multicultural knowledge, are what you need to have a complete solution and, at WA.Technology, we have it.

SiGMA Americas also took place recently. How do you perceive WA.Technology’s position in the Latam market today? What challenges do you foresee?

Axel: WA Technology has been taking giant steps in the Latam region. We have grown rapidly alongside a group of igaming experts who understand the local market, supported by robust and personalised technology. As a result, this has helped our clients grow steadily.

Renzo: Our position in Latin America is very close and specialised. Since we know the region’s markets, our more than 20 years of experience allow us to offer personalised solutions in a complete, fast, and safe manner, with support at all stages of the process. This guarantees that the entrepreneur can operate in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality standards.

At the SiGMA Americas Awards, WA.Technology won the ‘Best Turnkey Solution 2024’ award. What does this accolade represent for you?

Axel: We are excited to have received this award in such an important category. We receive it joyfully, encouraging us to continue with our professional work and commitment to the quality of our products and services.

Renzo: This award is the sum of the committed and passionate work of each of our talents. It also opens the way for operators and investors in the region to trust their brands in us.

We believe that WA.Technology is the best turnkey solution, as we add technology, commercial intelligence, legality, effective communication, and cultural analysis in all pre-and post-launch stages of betting sites. We take care of the entire process involved in opening an online casino.

One of the most prominent topics when discussing companies’ entry into Latin America is the diversity of the players. How does WA.Technology addresses this situation?

Axel: Each market has its particularities. From the beginning, WA Technology has focused on developing a tailor-made product for the different Latam markets. The localisation of the platform to understand the regional betting culture and the flexibility to adapt to different regulatory environments have been keys to success.

Renzo: We have an established commercial office in Mexico. Thanks to the alliance with LatAm Entertainment, we endeavour to remain on top of regulatory changes to ensure our products remain compliant.

Our professional team has grown and comprises local specialists from Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica and other countries in this region. The sum of this knowledge and experience, plus WA.Technology’s full spectrum of platform solutions allows us to offer personalised and comprehensive solutions with a local heart.

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