The “Power Has No Gender” awards ceremony held by TotoGaming has reached a new level

The "Power Has No Gender" movement was born in 2022.
The "Power Has No Gender" movement was born in 2022.

TotoGaming hosted its 3rd annual “Power Has No Gender” awards, recognizing and empowering women across various fields.

Press release.- For the third consecutive year, TotoGaming hosted the “Power Has No Gender” awards ceremony, once again bringing together successful and accomplished women in their field.

Through this initiative, the brand aims to emphasize the power of women, challenging entrenched stereotypes in society. And it refers not only to physical strength but also to inner strength. The award ceremony was held in Yerevan, Armenia, on April 6th.

The “Power Has No Gender” movement was born in 2022. The nominees of the first awards ceremony were female athletes who had achieved significant success in sports during that year. With this project, TotoGaming‘s initiative team decided to break the existing stereotypes that sport is mostly for men, and that only they can achieve real success in sports.

In the following years, the scale of the “Power Has No Gender” movement grew, and the circle of award winners expanded. Now, the recipients of the “Power Has No Gender” award include not only athletes but also women working in various fields, demonstrating that it is possible to break down societal barriers. The 10 prizewinners receive not only symbolic statuettes but also monetary rewards to further support their endeavours.

In 2024, TotoGaming brought together winners of the “Power Has No Gender” award and guests around one idea: everyone is free to be who they want to be — strong, weak, fallible, or infallible — but always striving to be the best version of themselves. And to achieve this, you only need yourself.

This thought was running through the entire event, symbolized by the mirror, as it reflects a person’s individual self. Mirrors were part of the prize statuettes; gift-mirrors with motivational quotes were also distributed to the guests, once again inspiring the participants to be the best manifestation of their unique selves.

Hripsime Khurshudyan – “Power Has No Gender” nominee, European weightlifting champion Hripsime clinched numerous medals and titles.
Tatev Hakobyan – “Power Has No Gender” nominee, Vice-champion of the 2023 European Weightlifting Championships.

During the “Power Has No Gender” event, the brand organized a panel discussion highlighting the stereotypes about strong women still existing in our society and their underlying reasons.

Suggestions and potential solutions were put forward to integrate the reality of strength so that their realm becomes the norm for the majority.

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