Simon Lidzén, Fast Track: “2023 was the most successful edition of ICE for our company”

Simon Lidzén, CEO of Fast Track.
Simon Lidzén, CEO of Fast Track.

Fast Track CEO Simon Lidzén shared insights with Focus Gaming News on the success of the 2023 edition of ICE London and what’s to come for the gaming industry this year.

Exclusive interview.- The 2023 edition of ICE London was a huge success for Fast Track, with record attendance and significant interest in the company’s offerings. 

In an exclusive interview with Focus Gaming News, CEO Simon Lidzén talked about Fast Track’s presence at the event, which were the most common inquiries the company received from the public, and what the plans are for the coming months.

How do you evaluate the 2023 edition of ICE London?

2023 was the most successful edition of ICE for our company. As well as record attendance, there was huge interest in this year’s Fast Track offering, and I’m sure that’s down to the exciting new integrations we unveiled for the first time just before the show.

Which solutions garnered the most interest from the visitors at your booth?

Our integration with OpenAI was the clear winner, the excitement this new capability generated was indeed remarkable! The full capacity of the product is currently in production and we’ve already started rolling out features such as automated AI translations to all our partners. 

Fast Track has recently announced the integration of its platform with Greco. What was the feedback of the public regarding this news? Did you receive many queries about this new integration?

The Greco integration has also attracted a lot of interest and that’s no surprise! Greco addresses a major pain point for operators – bonus abuse. Weeding out bonus abusers has the potential to save operators significant amounts of money and the benefits are immediate.

Did you close any new partnerships at ICE London?

We’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of incredible people during ICE and our pipeline is bursting with potential new deals. However, we go through an extensive discovery process with our partners, as each Fast Track is different and tailored to our partner’s needs, which means we never close deals during the events themselves, but our commercial team is busy for months to come.

“Our integration with OpenAI was the clear winner, the excitement this new capability generated was indeed remarkable!”

Simon Lidzén, CEO of Fast Track.

After attending ICE London and now entering the end of the second month of 2023, what do you think will be the major topics that will occupy the gaming industry this year?

AI seems the obvious choice. It’s been years since we’ve seen a technology breakthrough at this level that has the potential to disrupt entire industries and markets. I don’t see it fading into the background any time soon!

Can you share with us your plans for the rest of 2023?

We’ve got an extremely busy calendar of events planned where we’ll be showcasing our platform, taking to the stage and connecting with partners from all over the world. 

We’ll be in New York next, followed by New Jersey, Singapore and Canada, as well as a host of other shows throughout the year. Meanwhile, our team spread across our offices in Malta, Barcelona, Sweden and Miami will be working to roll out the first version of the Open AI integration to all our partners.

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