PopOK Gaming slots are certified by Malta

This approval is yet another proof of the continual momentum PopOK Gaming has been enjoying.
This approval is yet another proof of the continual momentum PopOK Gaming has been enjoying.

Now, the company has 18 titles available to all licenced online casino operators and dealers in the jurisdiction.

Press release.- The iGaming content provider PopOK Gaming reported that their slots have been certified by Gaming Laboratories International and approved by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Now, PopOK has 18 amazing titles, including Yummy, Diamond Flash, Lost Treasure, and others including  PopOK Gaming’s 4-level progressive jackpot available to all online casino operators and distributors licensed in the jurisdiction. 

This expansion will allow online casinos operating under licence in Malta to integrate the games we love and increase their gaming offer. 

Tsovinar Elchyan, Product manager at PopOK Gaming, commented: “It’s an exciting time for PopOK Gaming! Having a special focus on the regulated markets, we are passionate about exploring new market possibilities and providing a new thrilling gaming experience to a new audience. The future looks bright for PopOK Gaming with new partnership opportunities that will further our growth in the online gaming market”.

PopOK Gaming has received a certificate for Georgia

PopOK Gaming has recently extended its iGaming activities to Georgia as well. This way, local players will have access to our engaging games already loved by many. 18 games, such as Yummy, Lost Treasure, Diamond Flash, 20 Hot Bar, Sultan’s Tale, Los Apaches and others, will bring a breath of fresh air to all players and make their leisure more colourful, tasty and enjoyable.

PopOK Gaming’s local partners will surely get a lot of benefits from this, being able to deliver certified games to their customers. The gain is totally worth it, with the clear potential to drive high traffic to operators’ websites and greatly contribute to their business growth.

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