PIN-UP.TECH gets a new leader

PIN-UP Global is an international business ecosystem in different segments.
PIN-UP Global is an international business ecosystem in different segments.

PIN-UP Global has promoted Kyrylo Aistrakhanov to lead its PIN-UP.TECH segment.

Press release.- To form an effective, scalable model, changes were made to the structure of the PIN-UP Global ecosystem and the PIN-UP.TECH division, which specializes in market-unique technological solutions and software development for ecosystem participants.

Kyrylo Aistrakhanov, who until recently held the position of CTO of PIN-UP.TECH, takes over the management of the PIN-UP.TECH segment. 

PIN-UP has revealed Kyrylo will lead the business and continue to transform the tech segment into an adaptive structure that responds to challenges quickly and promptly, develops rapidly, and takes a leading position in the global environment. 

Together with the team, Kyrylo will provide the PIN-UP ecosystem with the tools to scale and grow in new markets and support performance development in already established regions.

In addition to the functional leadership of the technical team, Kyrylo will lead project/operational activities, continue to build a systematic and transparent approach to management, develop a project portfolio, prioritize it, and establish long-term relationships with all stakeholders and regions.

Kyrylo Aistrakhanov commented: “It is a great honour and responsibility for me to take on this role and duties. PIN-UP.TECH has many talented and creative people and experts in their field, which gives me strong confidence in achieving all my goals. 

“I am happy to lead PIN-UP.TECH and together with the team bring positive changes and reach new heights every day.”

Dmytro Poltorak, former VP of Engineering at PIN-UP.TECH moves to the position of VP of Engineering at PIN-UP Global. Dmytro will become a part of the ecosystem’s management team and participate in decision-making in the technical and technological fields. 

He will also be responsible for the implementation of the technical part of all business lines, including new products and projects that will appear thanks to the PIN-UP.INVESTMENTS segment and parallel activities and will provide the necessary technical support (including technical implementation of projects) for ecosystem stakeholders.

Dmytro Poltorak, said: “A new role means new prospects and challenges. I am very grateful to the team for their trust and the chance to take a position that will strengthen the technical and technological capabilities of the ecosystem.”

PIN-UP Global is an international business ecosystem in different segments (PIN-UP.TECH, PIN-UP.BUSINESS, PIN-UP.CRM, PIN-UP.TRAFFIC, PIN-UP.PLAY, PIN-UP.CARE, PIN-UP.TEAM, PIN-UP.INVESTMENTS), covering a full range of products and services for the gaming industry, including software development, customer service, management, marketing, legal and financial support, etc.

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