Norsk Tipping cuts monthly loss limits again

Norsk Tipping has cut maximum loss limits by another 33 per cent.
Norsk Tipping has cut maximum loss limits by another 33 per cent.

Norway’s state-controlled gaming operator has slashed its maximum monthly loss limits for high-risk games to €485.

Norway.- Norsk Tipping has slashed its maximum monthly loss limits again, reducing the limits for higher-risk online games from NOK7,500 to NOK5,000 (€485) until further notice.

The state-controlled operator had already reduced its loss limits by 25 per cent, from NOK10,000, in December. That was initially proposed as a temporary measure over the festive period after Norsk Tipping identified an increase in revenue from high-risk players.

The operator also introduced an obligatory 15-minute break for every hour of continuous play.

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With the latest reduction in loss limits, players can now lose only half the amount they could 12 months ago. The limit covers games on Norsk Tipping’s KongKasino, eFlax, Bingoria and Yezz sites. Norsk Tipping predicted the move will reduce annual player losses by between NOK150m and NOK175m. 

Head of responsible gaming Bjørn Helge Hoffmann said: “We have seen a clear effect after we adjusted the limit in December, in that the proportion of high-risk players has fallen over a longer period of time.

“Nevertheless, we see that there is still a group of core players who lose a lot. Therefore, we want to see if a lower limit can affect these in a positive direction.

“We think that this change will initially apply throughout the year. A major review and evaluation of the entire Norsk Tipping loss limit regime is now underway. When this work is completed, we will present an updated, permanent set of rules for the entire business.”

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