Norsk Tipping slashes loss limits over festive period

Norsk Tipping slashes loss limits over festive period

The gaming operator has reduced monthly loss limits by up to 50 per cent on what it classifies as “high-risk games”.

Norway.- The state-controlled gaming operator Norsk Tipping has slashed the monthly loss limits on a range of products for the months of December and January. It has also increased the length of mandatory breaks in play.

The restrictions apply to the online casino games that it views as presenting the highest risk of gambling-related harm: KongKasino, eFlax, Bingoria and Yezz.

The monthly loss limit has been cut by 25 per cent to NOK7,500 ($848.33), while the daily loss limit has been lowered by 50 per cent to NOK2,000.

Mandatory breaks after one hour of continuous play have been increased from 90 seconds to 15 minutes, while the “popular’ label has been removed from some games.

The company will also stop sending email or text marketing messages to customers aged between 18 and 25.

The measures come after the Norwegian government announced the allocation of NOK15m to tackle problem gambling in the country.

Norsk Tipping CEO Åsne Havnelid said: “We know that gambling problems are increasing in the population, and that December is our biggest gambling month. 

“The measures against COVID-19 mean that more people can experience spending more time alone than they usually do during the Christmas month. 

“For vulnerable players, this can lead to more gambling and we want to prevent that.”

The company said it will analyse the impact of the measures using the digital analysis tool PlayScan to decide whether to extend them beyond the end of January. 

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