Nare Grigoryan, Endorphina: “ICE will provide valuable insights, allowing us to further refine our strategies”

Nare Grigoryan, regional director at Endorphina.
Nare Grigoryan, regional director at Endorphina.

Nare Grigoryan outlines Endorphina’s main objectives for 2024 and the company’s expectations for ICE London.

Exclusive interview.- ICE London is not only one of the most recognised events in the gaming industry, it is also the ideal stage to forge new deals, reconnect with partners and customers and showcase the latest innovations.

Endorphina is one of the companies that will be present at this edition of ICE, the last one in London, and is betting on getting all the attention with a challenging and attractive proposal.

To find out more about Endorphina’s participation at ICE London 2024, Focus Gaming News spoke to Nare Grigoryan, regional director at Endorphina, who also talked about the company’s main objectives for this year and the markets they hope to reach in the coming months.

How does Endorphina prepare for this edition of ICE London? What does Endorphina expect to find at the expo?

We at Endorphina are incredibly excited and well-prepared for the upcoming edition of ICE London. In preparation for the event, we have focused on enhancing our product offerings, showcasing innovative technologies, and refining our strategies to meet the evolving needs of the igaming industry.

As for our expectations at ICE London, we anticipate a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere that fosters networking opportunities, collaboration, and the exchange of industry insights. We look forward to connecting with fellow professionals, discovering emerging trends, and engaging in discussions that will help shape the future of iGaming.

“We anticipate a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere that fosters networking opportunities, collaboration, and the exchange of industry insights.”

Nare Grigoryan, regional director at Endorphina.

ICE London serves as an excellent platform for us to not only showcase our advancements but also to learn from the diverse perspectives within the industry

We are confident that the expo will provide valuable insights, allowing us to further refine our strategies and continue delivering top-notch gaming experiences to our partners and players alike.

 What products will Endorphina showcase at ICE London?

At ICE London, Endorphina is excited to showcase a unique and artistic stand that will serve as a visual representation of our gaming innovation.

The stand will be a captivating black and white-themed masterpiece, marking a historic first for us. As part of this immersive experience, we’ll be featuring the implementation of our cutting-edge games. 

Visitors can expect not only a display of our exceptional gaming products but also an aesthetic journey into the world of Endorphina’s creativity and innovation.

In 2023, Endorphina created Joker Ra, the first-ever online slot developed with the help of AI. Can you tell us more about this experience and the feedback of the operators? Do you expect to develop new projects with the assistance of AI?

We are thrilled to receive such positive feedback from operators regarding our AI-designed slot game Joker Ra. The response has been truly gratifying and reinforces our belief in the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize the gaming industry.

Operators have highlighted several key aspects of the AI-designed slot game that have resonated positively. First and foremost, they appreciate the game’s unique and engaging design, which has been intelligently crafted by the AI to provide an immersive and enjoyable player experience.

Overall, the positive feedback from operators reaffirms our commitment to exploring and leveraging the capabilities of AI in game design. We are excited about the possibilities this technology presents and look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of innovation in the igaming industry.

Endorphina has recently entered the Spanish market through a partnership with What does the Spanish market represent to the company? Is the company planning new deals for the next months in the region?

The recent entry into the Spanish market through our strategic partnership with marks a significant milestone for Endorphina. 

The Spanish market holds immense importance for us as part of our global expansion strategy. Spain is a vibrant and rapidly growing igaming market with a strong player base and a keen appetite for diverse and high-quality gaming content.

The partnership with allows us to introduce our innovative and engaging portfolio of slot games to Spanish players, providing them with a unique and entertaining gaming experience.

As for future plans in the region, we are pleased with a comprehensive roadmap encompassing a decent number of operators slated to onboard in the Spanish market throughout the current year. 

While specific details may be subject to confidential negotiations, we are dedicated to forging new partnerships and expanding our reach within the Spanish market in the coming months. 

Our goal is to establish long-lasting relationships with reputable operators in the region, bringing our exciting games to an even wider audience and contributing to the dynamic growth of the Spanish iGaming landscape.

“The Spanish market holds immense importance for us as part of our global expansion strategy.”

Nare Grigoryan, regional director at Endorphina.

In what new markets are you planning to expand in the next months?

We will definitely be expanding our presence in LatAm and Africa, where we were authorized in 2022. Now, in view of the new regulations in these regions, we will be among the first to participate in the newly regulated markets.

As for Europe, we have been authorized in most of the regulated jurisdictions and will now focus more on Scandinavia.

We are placing more emphasis on the Southeast European regions; we expect significant changes in terms of regulation here, so our Compliance Team is particularly focused on these markets.

Now, at the beginning of the year, I would like to talk in a somewhat broader format because we have some confidentiality commitments before launching specific projects. Thus, I can provide some basic guidelines for 2024.

What are the main projects you will focus on in 2024?

In 2024, our main focus at Endorphina revolves around strategic initiatives aimed at further strengthening our position as a leading slot provider. 

We are committed to the growth and satisfaction of our existing clients, implementing tailored solutions to enhance their gaming experience. 

Additionally, we will place a significant emphasis on extending our relationships with current partners, fostering long-term collaborations built on trust and mutual success.

Simultaneously, we are excited about onboarding new clients who share our vision for innovative and engaging gaming solutions. Through targeted outreach and the introduction of our cutting-edge portfolio, we aim to expand our client base and introduce our unique gaming experiences to a broader audience.

Overall, our projects for 2024 align with our dedication to providing exceptional slot gaming content and fostering strong partnerships within the industry, ensuring sustained growth and success for Endorphina.

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