Nadia Popova: “G2E Las Vegas is among the most important exhibitions in the gaming industry”

Nadia Popova, VP of Sales & Marketing at EGT.
Nadia Popova, VP of Sales & Marketing at EGT.

Focus Gaming News spoke with Nadia Popova, VP of Sales & Marketing at EGT, about G2E Las Vegas and the company’s achievements throughout this year.

Exclusive interview.- Focus Gaming News sat down with Nadia Popova, VP of Sales and Marketing at EGT, to talk about how EGT is preparing for a new edition of G2E Las Vegas, the company’s feelings about the nomination as Land-Based Industry Supplier of the year and what are the plans they have for the rest of the year.

What are EGT’s expectations about meeting the gaming industry at G2E Las Vegas?

G2E Las Vegas is among the most important exhibitions in the gaming industry and we are enthusiastic to participate in it for another year in a row. As a company with very strong positions on a global level, we believe that as always we will welcome to our booth numerous current and potential clients from all over the world and will show them many new products that will definitely meet their customers’ tastes and requirements.

What can visitors expect to see from EGT at the expo?

The main highlights in our selection for the expo will be our latest propositions some of which are created specifically for the American gaming audience such as High Cash, 2 Happy Hits, Cai Fu Tian Jiang, and Diamond Bonanza jackpots. 

They will offer the players a world of big winnings and beautiful graphics through their fantastic single games. 

Another highly-potential new member of EGT’s jackpot family which became a favourite to the players everywhere it is already present is Bell Link. It will be at the disposal of the visitors of the show as well.

EGT is nominated for Land-Based Industry Supplier of the year in Global Gaming Awards Las Vegas 2022. What does this recognition mean to the company?

We are honoured to participate in this prestigious award. EGT received the nomination for the Land-Based Industry Supplier of the year category because our company has managed to successfully deal with the challenges presented by the Covid-19 crisis and preserved and even strengthened the strong market positions it had before this period. 

“Thanks to the innovative products we offer EGT also gave its significant contribution for the quick recovery of numerous casino operators in Europe and Latin America.”

Nadia Popova, VP of Sales & Marketing at EGT.

How was your experience at Entertainment Arena Expo in Bucharest, in September? What feedback did you receive from the visitors? 

Entertainment Arena Expo in Bucharest is another important event for EGT in which we traditionally take part. This year’s edition was very successful for us again and we strengthened our positions as an absolute leader in the local market.   

What were the main achievements obtained in 2022?

EGT is proud of achievements in a few directions in 2022. We released several new very successful products which demonstrate excellent results. We have to mention Bell Link as one of these developments that showed a great performance since its very first installations. 

Our subsidiary EGT Digital is also developing at a very high pace. Its own all-in-one online betting platform enriched its portfolio with gaming content of numerous providers and the in-house developed games of the company are the preferred choices for more and more operators. 

What are your goals for the next months? 

Our plans for the next months include solidifying the positions of EGT Digital as one of the key providers of online gaming content. We are also planning several large-scale installations of our latest developments, as well as releasing a brand-new multiplayer product.

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