Lockout laws in Queensland are getting closer

The measures are stricter than the ones in force in Sydney and casinos are also exempted.

Lockout laws in Australia’s capital have pushed the people who want to keep partying to pour into gambling facilities.

Australia.- The Australian government has secured the support for the approval of the Tackling Alcohol-Fuelled Violence Legislation Amendment Bill 2015. This legislation is inspired in Sydney’s lock out laws in force since 2014.

The bill includes 2am last drinks across most of the state by next July, with 3am last drinks in certain entertainment precincts and 1am lockouts by July 2017 for 15 “Safe Night Precincts,” including the Fortitude Valley.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, proponent of the laws, cited the increasing violent connected to alcohol and partying as the reason to pass this legislation. “I’ve been to the hospitals, I’ve spoken to the paramedics who’ve been bashed, I’ve spoken to the police who are out there in the early hours of the morning basically in war zone situations,” she claimed.

Following Sydney’s lead, casinos are exempted from this legislation which may be beneficial for the gambling industry, or not, as Matt Bekier, Star Entertainment Group chief executive affirms.


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