Star Casino denies benefitting from lockout laws

Star Entertainment Group’s Chief Executive declared Sydney’s lockout regulations have not been advantageous for the venue.

Australia.- Matt Bekier, Star Entertainment Group chief executive, declared he had to hire more security due to the people pouring into the venue who want to keep drinking past Sydney’s 1.30am lockout and denied the casino has benefitted from alcohol regulations.

It was announced that the Star’s profit has increased by 26 percent amounting to $142 million (US$ 101 million,) whilst profits were initially estimated to be around $120 million (US$86 million.) Now, Bekier claimed that these numbers were due to an increase in gaming results, explaining that less than 3 percent of the casino’s revenue comes from alcohol sales. He emphasised the increased cost of hiring security guards has to be taken into account.

“If you look at our statistics, even the fact that we have 11 million people, we are one of the safest venues in the world,” Bekier commented. His declarations are countering the suggestion that the Star should not be exempted from the alcohol lockout.