Lituanians support proposed ban on gambling ads, survey finds

Eight out of 10 Lithuanians would approve of a ban on gambling ads.
Eight out of 10 Lithuanians would approve of a ban on gambling ads.

A new study suggests that eight out of ten support a complete ban on gambling ads. 

Lithuania.- A poll commissioned by the state broadcaster LRT televizija has found widespread public support for a proposed ban on gambling ads. Conducted by the market research company Baltijos tyrimai, the survey found that 80 per cent of respondents aged 18 years and over favoured a complete ban while 15 per cent would oppose the move and 5 per cent had no opinion.

Women were more in favour of a ban than men (86 per cent compared to 72 per cent), while those aged over 50 were the age group most in favour (84 per cent). A ban was also favoured more by people with education above the secondary level and with a monthly household income of up to EUR 1,100. 

The poll involved 1,115 adult participants, who were surveyed between March 15 and 25. Lithuania already has strict rules on gambling promotion, which have led to the national gambling regulator issuing a number of fines over the past couple of years.

Despite that, Lithuanian gambling revenue rose to €222.2m in 2023, more than double the revenue in 2020 (€103m). However, the Lithuanian parliament began considering amendments to Lithuania’s gambling legislation in mid-March. The proposed amendments include a complete ban on gambling ads, including sponsorship deals, from 1 January 2025.

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