Inside 1win Partners: Strategic achievements and insights – An in-depth Q&A

Kateryna Vasylenko, CPA affiliate team lead at 1win Partners.
Kateryna Vasylenko, CPA affiliate team lead at 1win Partners.

Kateryna Vasylenko, CPA affiliate team lead at 1win Partners, discusses their achievements in 2023, goals for 2024, what makes them unique, and how they tailor their approach to different regions.

Interview.- In this Q&A, Kateryna Vasylenko, CPA affiliate team lead at 1win Partners, shares the company’s perspectives on growth, regional nuances, partner concerns, and the essence of effective affiliate marketing, offering invaluable wisdom to aspiring marketers and industry veterans alike.

What were the main achievements in 2023 for 1win Partners and what are the main goals for 2024?

In 2023, a major achievement for us was establishing ourselves as a holding company with numerous innovative and impactful projects. We also saw growth in every metric: more employees, more offices, more partners, more geographical markets for our products, and an influx of new players joining us. For 2024, our goals are ambitious: we plan to expand throughout LatAm, break into Asian markets, and continue to scale our operations effectively.

What are the main aspects that make 1win Partners stand out from other affiliate programs?

We are defined by our expertise across all areas of operation, doing this with the highest stability and reliability. Also, we commit ourselves to cycles of constant improvement and upgrading of our full spectrum of products. Another key difference is the human-centred approach at 1win. Prioritizing the needs of our people in every aspect of our business process truly sets 1win apart from the rest.

1win Partners is present on all continents. What differences do you find between the preferences of all these regions? Do you take these differences into account when thinking about growth strategies in each region individually?

Absolutely. Each region has unique characteristics and operational specifics, from cultural nuances to payment methods and the various legal considerations that differ from country to country. We address every nuance and difference with the help of regional managers, who help tailor our growth and development strategies to fit each market’s unique needs.

What are the most frequently asked questions the company receives from partners and webmasters from around the world? Do you see different concerns depending on the region where the partners are located or are they the same?

While specific concerns can vary by region, we see many common concerns as well. Partners are primarily concerned about payment speed, product retention to optimize traffic conversion, integrated payment methods for players, and initial support during launch. These are the largest questions we receive on a global basis but keep in mind the details of these questions vary slightly by region.

What are the key qualities needed in affiliate marketing to achieve success?

In my opinion, success in affiliate marketing hinges on the ability to connect with people on any issue, maintaining honesty and transparency, staying true to your word (critical for long-term partnerships), and continually advancing your expertise.

Through all these years of work, what do you think is the most ineffective source of traffic?

I believe there are no ineffective traffic sources; success depends on how well you understand and approach each one. Every source holds potential for profit, a fact consistently demonstrated by the success of our partners.

1win Partners works hard in its brand recognition. What are the main aspects that you take into account to achieve this?

We focus on staying ahead of market dynamics and competition, maintaining close relationships with our partners, and valuing feedback from both partners and our team members to continually refine our strategies and operations.

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