Increase in online fraudsters claiming to be bookmakers

The report warns bookmakers to beware phishing attempts.
The report warns bookmakers to beware phishing attempts.

More fraudulent emails claim to be from bookmakers than from dating sites, a new study has found.

US.- A study by cybersecurity solutions provider Group-IB has found that fraudsters are increasingly posing as bookmakers in order to extract money from victims.

The study found that 3.8 per cent of fraudulent emails claim to come from a bookmaker. That’s nearly twice the amount that claim to come from dating sites.

The Group-IB report also found that dot-com sites accounted for 44 per cent of the web domains used in the phishing attempts. The highest country-specific domain was Russia at 9 per cent, followed by Brazil at 6 per cent.

It is advised online gaming operators ensure staff take appropriate care before clicking on links or opening email attachments since fraudsters were using phishing tactics to steal data.

Land-based casinos are also at risk to fraudulent activities. Sugar Creek casino in Oklahoma was recently forced to close after an undefined ‘network security incident’.

Just this week the Pennsylvania Lottery sent a warning to customers regarding a caller inciting victims to make payments in order to claim a fake prize.