How to overcome creative blocks in the iGaming casino industry

To be memorable is always the challenge for FBMDS®.
To be memorable is always the challenge for FBMDS®.

FBMDS’s team shared their vision on how to overcome creative blocks in the iGaming casino industry.

Opinion.- Creating an online casino game can be an exciting process, but sometimes it might feel like too much. We sat down with our game artists to learn tips on overcoming creative blocks in the iGaming industry.

Have you ever started working on a project, but not one single idea came to mind? Maybe you’ve felt stuck or frustrated when you couldn’t come up with a solution to solve a work-related problem.

We have good news for you. Those are called creative blocks and there are ways you can fix them. In this article, we will show you:

  • What are Creative Blocks and how to spot them
  • The Top creative struggles of FBMDS®’ Game Artists
  • How to fight creative blocks and embrace Creative Momentum.

So… what are creative blocks?

Ideally, game artists would be overflowing with new conceptions and suggestions on a daily basis. Unfortunately, that’s not realistic because that’s not always how it plays out. A creative block happens when someone feels uninspired to come up with ideas while working on a project and it happens in all kinds of creative roles.

If your job requires you to constantly bring out-of-the-box and innovative concepts such as in the iGaming industry, there’s an added pressure to be original all the time. Creative thinkers might usually use their inspiration and analysis skills to achieve that Eureka! moment, but sometimes they may run out of artistic fuel. And that’s normal.

Here’s a list of common feelings for those going through creative blocks:

  • Lack of motivation to create;
  • Panic when faced with an unknown skill, platform or subject;
  • A sensation of being trapped and overwhelmed;
  • Numbness to unfinished work tasks and upcoming projects;
  • Long work hours but little productivity.

In the iGaming industry, as well as in any other sector that requires originality, artists are more susceptible to these feelings. Let’s grasp why creative blocks emerge and what can cause them.

Being creative is not always all fun and games

Striving for differentiation is key when it comes to taking any kind of business further, and FBMDS®’ online casino gaming sector is no exception. Even though to game artists some days might feel more productive and fruitful than others, they can find barriers to inspiration both in smaller tasks and bigger projects.

To envision the perfect online slot game, the best video bingo title or the most engaging table game product at FBMDS® is no easy task. In order to create products with strong themes and scenarios, the most outstanding sounds and the best rewards, our game artists go through an intense creative process. Here are some examples of creative blocks in their work processes:

Graphic Designers

In the work of a FBMDS® Graphic Designer, inventing colorful gaming scenes, with immersive backgrounds and attention-grabbing animations is part of the job. But there are times when they need to get out of their comfort zone and try new design apps, which sometimes can feel scary and daunting.

Sound Designers

Furthermore, a Sound Designer has to be constantly trying out new ideas and sound compositions in order to meet client expectations for a specific game. Adapting their own preferences and best practices to achieve a pleasant outcome can be a dilemma itself, as the art of creating with sounds is extremely subjective.

Software Developers

For a Software Engineer at FBMDS®, creativity is essential when the ultimate goal is to keep the game code scalable or able to evolve properly. Different problems might have different solutions, but finding the best one, the one that can fit the scope of the project and open space for future increments is the real challenge.

Game Maths

Moreover, a Game Mathematician needs to be ingenious in order to choose the best possible scenario which will most likely captivate players and make them bet. Putting themselves in the role of a real player and making further improvements to create more interesting game models requires creativity, because no player is the same and human behavior is sometimes unpredictable.

These are just some obstacles our game artists face every day, but sometimes problems are not that visible. Here are some other reasons why you might be experiencing creative blocks:

  • Emotional block: when you’re dealing with personal issues that affect your mood;
  • Inconsistent creative routines: when you can’t find the best practices to be creative;
  • Not enough stimulation: when you lack references and inspiration to create;
  • No work breaks or downtime: when you’re working for too long;
  • Overthinking: when your mind speaks louder than your imagination;
  • Self-doubt: when your inner critic steps in.

So… what are the best tips to fight these inconveniences in the daily work of a game artist? We’ve gathered some tips which have worked for FBMDS®’ artists and that will make it easier for you to get your ideas moving.

Embracing creative momentum

It is essential to know that no creative block lasts forever. In order to get out of the auto-pilot, low-motivation mindset, there are some techniques that might be useful to get your creations flowing more easily.

Unblock your inspiration

When a project requires your full attention and inventiveness, references might be a useful tool to boost the work process. The more examples you search related to a product, event or subject, the better you are prepared to tie different elements together and create your own, unique idea or solution.

In the creative sphere of the business, you are what you consume, so start making regular benchmarks of the best inspirations you can find, for example: sounds, music, visual memories, conversations, people, movies. That way you can make your ideas blossom.

Find room for improvisation

There is power in being spontaneous. You can grow your imagination by trying out new skills, platforms or unusual perspectives. What might sound weird could be a great idea that just needs a little bit of polishing, so make sure you have time to experiment and to follow your intuition.

Find your work-life balance

Just like any other job, artists need breaks too. Working non-stop is unproductive and can do more harm than good to any project you have in hand. When you’re feeling uninspired or tired, allow yourself some time to rest and recharge.

Be attentive to your surroundings, of the experiences you might have alone, with friends or family. Soon you will start noticing the best ideas come up when you’re least expecting.

Don’t forget to ask for help

If you work in a team like FBMDS®, it’s extremely important to know they are there to give you advice, to see things from a different perspective. A helping hand is crucial for getting valuable new insights, which can make the final product more enriched.

Do you wish to know more about how creativity is being used in FBMDS®’s games? Feel free to read the article we’ve made about how inventiveness is used by our teams of game artists.

To be memorable is always the challenge for FBMDS®. When it comes to developing bingo, slot and table games that are personalized, localized and customizable, our teams strive to be creative in the ways they offer differentiated solutions to meet clients’ needs and expectations.

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