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Diamond Fortune pushes for Primorye casino

Diamond Fortune pushes for Primorye casino
Casino operator Diamond Fortune will open its Primorye casino before 2021.

As the area continues to grow, Diamond Fortune presented a proposal for a Primorye casino, which is scheduled to open as soon as next year.

Russia.- The Primorye gambling zone continues to grow in far east Russia and more investors want to take part. That’s why Diamond Fortune Holding Prim presented a proposal for its new Imperial casino.

Diamond Fortune’s Primorye casino would involve a €220 million investment and would open its doors in late 2020. Imperial used to be named Selena and will be the fourth facility to open in Primorye. It would join the Tigre de Cristal, Naga Vladivostok, and Shambala venues.

 The development would include a hotel of at least 360 rooms. Furthermore, Diamond Fortune’s Primorye casino would be equipped with 50 gaming tables and 300 slot machines. That would include a mass gaming room, premium mass gaming room, and a VIP room.

“(Imperial) reflects well the tourist idea of the region, the brand of Primorsky Territory and Vladivostok – a European city in Asia, rich in traditions and famous for the cultural heritage of Russia,” Diamond Fortune CEO Alexander Mishkitblit said. “In developing the new project, the company relied on international experience, as well as on the indicators of gambling zones already operating in Russia, including its coastal colleagues.”

Previous announcement

In 2018, Thomas Gibbons, chief executive of Diamond Fortune, explained that construction, which is expected to begin soon, will take approximately 18 months, and that the first phase of the facility should be completed and ready to open by September 2020.

“Phase one will be divided into A and B phases, with the casino being built first at a cost of €63 million,” said Gibbons. “We expect to be opening the casino phase, at the latest, in September 2020,” he added.

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