Five of the best UFC fighters to take a gamble on this year  

Five of the best UFC fighters to take a gamble on this year  

UFC has stood the test of time since it was first established in 1993, although the actual sport is nothing new. Dating back to the Greek Olympic games in 648 BC, the form of mixed martial arts has seen centuries of fighters take to combat in the hopes of coming out on top. We’ve seen newbie fighters who have come and gone, along with older names who have made history – all of these have generated plenty of cash for their punters when it comes to sports bets. It’s all about strategy and skill when you’re looking to take a bet on a fighter, so we’ve found five of the biggest names around, who you may want to take a gamble on this year and next!

1) Jon Jones

Jon Jones is an American Mixed Martial Artist currently signed to the UFC. Also known as “Bones,” he holds the title of the World Heavyweight Champion, so placing a bet on him can be a fairly safe move. Although he is currently sidelined due to a tear in his pectoral muscle, the American heavyweight has placed victorious over anyone he’s faced. The odds for him to win are always in his favour, but it’s worth keeping an eye on the UFC odds for future fights, as this injury could mean his title is up for grabs. He’s a clear winner for many, so we’re excited to see his future and take a gamble (or three) on him. 

2) Conor McGregor 

If there were ever a man to place your money on, then it might well be the one and only Conor McGregor. The Irish Mixed Martial Artist is a money-making machine, and everything he touches makes its punters thousands. He holds 8 out of 10 PPV top buy-in fights, proving that everyone wants to catch a look at this boisterously loud fighter in his element. He brings in over 2.4 million pay-per-view watchers per fight, meaning that if it’s not the bookies that he’s making money for, it’s the head of the UFC. He has had some huge fights, raked in millions of dollars, and has made many bettors make a buck, as well. If there was anyone that we would place a gamble on, it would always be McGregor. 

Though he’s currently taking time off to recover from his injuries, our eyes are all peeled for his 2024 return, as he comes back to claim his title and snatch more wins. 

3) Israel Adesanya

Israel Mobolaji Adesanya is a New Zealand Mixed Martial Artist, who’s also dabbled in kickboxing and boxing. The 34-year-old is currently taking time off to better his game, but at one point, he’d be bringing in the cash wins. He sits in the middleweight division for the UFC and has been the UFC Middleweight Champion on two occasions. His time off may be to improve his skills, but with a modest salary of $9,594,072.00 per year for MMA, he’s bound to be returning in a heartbeat, ready to win some fights in the Octagon.

His professional game has seen him with 24 wins and three losses for MMA in total, and it’s those losses that have persuaded him to spend time working on the sport to better himself. Watch this space to see where he’ll go, because we’ll be considering a bet or two on his return – and since new betting options are always opening up, there’s plenty to be excited about!

4) Sean O’Malley

Don’t be fooled by the quirky coloured hair; Sean O’Malley is a serious contender and has attracted a lot of bettors’ attention. He is an American MMA star who sits in the Bantamweight division, which is around the middle of the division category. He holds the title of the UFC Bantamweight Champion, meaning that he is a good bet in our eyes! When he stepped onto the scene in 2017 and knocked out Alfred Khashakyan, he made a historical flight that’s still spoken about today. He’s had 19 professional fights in his career and won a total of 17; Sean is a champion to be reckoned with. 

5) Islam Makhachev 

The Russian MMA star Islam Makhachev may be number five on our list, but he’s one of the top people that we’d place a bet on. He is the UFC Lightweight Champion and has only ever lost once in his life – in a hugely controversial fight, as it wasn’t a definite loss. He brings in plenty of viewers, just like McGregor, and he solidified his excellence in his last two bouts against Alexander Volkanovski – where he TKO’d in the first round of their sequel fight. 

Through 2023, he has had back-to-back wins, making him one of our top favourites for betting on in 2024. We’re excited to see where these five MMA stars will end up, but in the meantime, we’ll continue placing punts on them and hoping for some good wins!