Final week to join Regulating the Game 2024 Sydney: A pioneering conference on gambling regulation

Registration is open but spaces are filling up.
Registration is open but spaces are filling up.

The annual Regulating the Game conference returns to Sydney, offering industry leaders a chance to discuss gambling law, innovation, and sustainability.

Press release.- With Regulating the Game 2024 Sydney just a week away, there’s still a chance to join us for this year’s insightful 5-day conference dedicated to gambling law and regulation.

This carefully curated event combines expert knowledge with deep dives into industry standards, regulatory policy, and practices, all geared towards fostering a forward-thinking, compliant, thriving and sustainable gambling sector.

Returning to Sydney after its successful runs in previous years, Regulating the Game continues to be Australia’s foremost gathering for discussions on gambling law and regulation.

It offers a critical forum for dialogue on important issues, best practices, and potential reforms, aiming to harmonise regulatory needs with industry innovation and sustainability and to advocate for advancements that promote safer gambling practices and better compliance.

Paul Newson, a notable figure in regulatory and gambling spheres, praises the conference as a unique global gathering that brings together key stakeholders for engaging discussions with top regulatory and industry leaders.

The conference is designed to provoke thought, foster debates, and deepen understanding of both the sector and the art of regulation. It encourages evidence-based policy discussions, supporting the development of efficient, effective regulation that invigorates the industry.

“In the face of regulatory challenges and public policy discussions, it becomes increasingly important for the industry to engage, share in dialogue, enhance capabilities, and cultivate ethical leadership and social responsibility,” Newson notes.

Regulating the Game Sydney 2024 invites industry leaders worldwide to share their expertise, stimulate discussions, and encourage collaborative efforts. The conference highlights innovative ideas and technologies that aim to improve operational capabilities, compliance, and outcomes for the industry and players.

Focusing on leadership, innovation, and collaboration, this conference offers valuable insights for those committed to understanding and navigating the gambling industry’s complexities. Participants will benefit from comprehensive discussions, expert-led masterclasses, and opportunities to connect with peers and industry innovators.

As a key event in the gambling sector, we invite you to consider joining us. While registration remains open, we encourage those interested to secure their place at the conference now.

Regulating the Game 2024 Sydney promises to be an enriching experience, offering insights into the future of gambling policy and regulation and opportunities to network with leading regulatory and industry figures.

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