Emily Asava, TVBET: “Any event is a way to get even more partners and customers”

Emily Asava, TVBET Business Development Manager in Africa.
Emily Asava, TVBET Business Development Manager in Africa.

Emily Asava, TVBET Business Development Manager in Africa, spoke with Focus Gaming News about the company’s attendance at SiGMA Europe.

Exclusive interview.- Emily Asava, TVBET Business Development Manager in Africa, shared with Focus Gaming News details about the company’s next presentation at SiGMA Europe and also reviewed the different launches that TVBET made throughout the year and expectations for the coming months.

How are you preparing for SiGMA?

Hello! Thanks for the opportunity to talk to you! Since February TVBET has been exhibiting with different companies and the response has been great with visitors coming to our stand with various questions, they just are trying to find out why and how different our products are from the rest. 

So preparing for SiGMA Europe, we are analysing common questions and coming up with specific answers in the form of materials and the team that will be attending SiGMA is well prepared for the same.

What products are you most eager to showcase? Why is it important to actively participate in industry events?

Our latest development was the Spin2Wheels game, and we are looking forward to presenting it on Sigma as well. It is a new concept of Live Game featuring two wheels of fortune – one main wheel and the second one simplified. 

Such a feature improves the experience of making bets on two independent events at once and further increases the winnings.

As for participation in events, I believe that this is important for the company, as well as other methods of promotion and communication. Right at exhibitions, a huge number of industry representatives gather, with whom you can talk personally, share the details on the benefits of your product, and show exactly how your product works. 

It is very important to communicate offline and demonstrate the product to a partner because many things and interests can be lost if you do it online. So any event is a way to get even more partners and customers.

Which was the public feedback on your latest innovations and products, such as Spin2Wheels?

We received more bets from the game and this was good for our brand, we onboarded new operators specifically wanting to have this game. The interest of already existing and new partners in that or another game is the main feedback for us.

What can you tell us about the second updated version of TVBET’s KENO live game?

Our Keno is our top game from one region to another and so we value it so much. And now, we’re preparing the second version of KENO. It will be as interesting as the previous one, with some new designs and features. So, we will have two KENOs in our product kit. But for now, it’s everything I can say about it. Stay tuned! We will unveil it soon. 

The company is working on a large increase in new partnerships in Africa, both online and retail, what’s the most challenging aspect of the African market? Which other locations have the most potential for TVBET?

The most challenging aspect with Africa is in licensing where in some regions operators who have a sportsbook licence have to acquire an additional licence for them to integrate our games. But despite this fact, we see the interest of African operators in our live games and the desire to start cooperation with us. So soon, I believe we will have even more partners from Africa. 

“TVBET live games have an increasing potential in LatAm. This region is of high interest to us now, as well.” 

Emily Asava, TVBET Business Development Manager in Africa.

How did you manage to cope well with the crisis during Covid-19 with significant partners and bets increase?

Well, the crisis during Covid-19 really affected the economies of many countries, and businesses as well. At first, many people did not know what to expect and to do further. So the biggest problem of Covid-19 was unpredictability. 

Many gambling companies and land-based points have either closed or moved online. This was something new for players and more marketing support had to be done to inform players that hey, things have changed but we have this option for you. But with time, punters got used to playing online and we even noticed an increase in bets on our live games.

We saw huge performance increases: the number of new partners increased by 30 per cent, and the number of bets on our games increased by 300 per cent! So despite all the trials, we coped with everything and came out in the black.

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