Bayes Esports and Riot Games to deliver competitive esports data

Bayes Esports last month secured €6m from investors in a new financing round.
Bayes Esports last month secured €6m from investors in a new financing round.

The LoL Esports Data Portal will deliver data to professional League of Legends teams and the wider esports community.

Germany.- Berlin-based Bayes Esports has teamed up with Riot Games to deliver competitive League of Legends esports data via a new centralised hub. The new LoL Esports Data Portal (LDP) will serve professional esports teams, Riot Games’ partners and the wider esports community.

The portal grants more than 150 teams and partners access to LoL data via UI and API integrations. The companies said the data collaboration will allow long-term growth for stakeholders in the sector. Teams will be able to use the data to improve pre-match preparation and post-match analysis.

Bayes Esports CEO and managing director, Martin Dachselt, said: “We are always looking for opportunities to develop innovations that are beneficial to the entire esports industry.

“Being able to work with Riot Games has given us a great opportunity to tailor technologies to fit the needs of teams, players and individuals. We believe that the LDP will be the next of many steps to continue to professionalise the esports industry.”

John Knauss, competitive data programs for esports lead at Riot Games, said: “We are excited to be laying the foundation and starting to share our vision for the future of esports data.

“From the beginning, our mission has been to enable our professional teams, partners and community to revolutionise esport. Working with Bayes to develop the underlying tech to bring this vision to life has been a fantastic opportunity, and we are looking forward to continuing to push and differentiate esports in the space.”

Chris DeAppolonio, chief innovation officer at Evil Geniuses, said: “The Lolesports Data Portal has been a fantastic resource for Evil Geniuses that has helped propel our methodology in data and analytics to new heights.

“With the LDP, we have direct access to key data points from games that have saved our team countless hours of number crunching and research, allowing us to instead put all of our effort into breaking down these insights and using them to inform our strategy and decision-making in future matches.”

Apostol Tegko, data analyst for FNATIC, said: “The LDP has provided us with a great starting point from which we’re building on top of in order to improve our teams’ performance and stay ahead of the curve. It’s an exemplary approach throughout esports.”

Berlin-based Bayes Esports last month secured €6m from investors in a new financing round. Having raised €10m in 2021, it looks set to double that run rate this year. 

With a staff of 50, Bayes Esports offers data on professional esports tournaments to more than 150 customers in the betting, media and esports sectors, including Google and bet365. The main investor in the latest round was the casino operator Las Vegas Sands. The gaming and tech-oriented venture capital firm Bitkraft also took part.

Chief operating Officer (COO) Amir Mirzaee has said that Bayes will focus on expanding in the US and would seek to become a licensed betting supplier there and in Europe.

Bayes has a partnership with esports company ESL Gaming, which it expanded earlier this year adding new game titles and data and marketing arrangements.

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