Survey finds 37% want casino staff to wear masks

Almost four in ten would prefer casino staff to wear masks.
Almost four in ten would prefer casino staff to wear masks.

The rate is higher than 50% in some countries, such as Spain and Mexico. In the US, 45 per cent of US customers would prefer casino staff to continue wearing masks.

International.- Despite the progress of vaccination drives in many countries, it appears many casino customers would still prefer to see staff wearing masks.

YouGov carried out a global study in April through interviews with adults in over in 17 markets, with sample sizes varying between 927 and 8,221 for each market.

It found that internationally, 37 per cent would like to see staff and employees wearing face masks in casinos even after 60 per cent of a country’s population has been vaccinated against Covid-19.

That response was highest in Mexico (55%), Spain (53%) and Singapore (52%). However, in the UK, where nearly 70 per cent of the population has had at least one first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, 46 per cent said they would prefer staff in casinos to wear masks.

In the US, casinos have started to ease measures after the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) relaxed requirements on the use of masks in public places.

However, according to the survey, 45 per cent of Americans would prefer casino staff to continue wearing face masks.  

In Australia, where the rate of cases has been relatively low, still 27 per cent of respondents want casino staff to wear masks. A similar percentage (27%) of Indonesians were of the same opinion, followed by Sweden (23%) and Denmark (21%).

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