1xSlots Partners’ attendance at the SiGMA Americas conference: new experiences, partnerships and future plans

1xSlots Partners intends to actively develop its projects in Latin America.
1xSlots Partners intends to actively develop its projects in Latin America.

1xSlots Partners made a recap of its attendance at SiGMA Americas 2024 and its achievements at the event.

Press release.- 1xSlots Partners‘ exhibition adventures have already got off to a flying start with its visit to the SiGMA Americas conference in Brazil at the end of April.

Despite a few difficulties and some slip-ups, the company was ultimately happy with its stand and genuinely considered it one of the best at the entire conference.

In the following article, 1xSlots Partners highlighted some of its achievements at SiGMA Americas 2024 and shed light on its future endeavours.

What were the company’s plans and expectations before the conference?

Before flying to Brazil, 1xSlots Partners tried to prepare as much as possible so that they could take full advantage of the event. “Our main goal was to strengthen our network and seek out new opportunities. Last year, our team successfully held more than 50 meetings; this year, we aimed to scale up our efforts even further,” stated the company.


1xSlots Partners was very active throughout the conference:

  • It held meetings with experts from the sector to discuss trends and innovations in the industry.
  • It concluded a number of deals at the conference and attracted some new partners – not just affiliates, but also specialists in payment methods, game providers, and media buying teams. Many of these meetings were held under an NDA.
  • It is considered particularly important for us to get to know local operators.

The company further stated: “We also met up with many of our current partners at the event. Likewise, we were happy to connect with new colleagues in the payments sector, as well as streamers, local translators and affiliates.

“The conference was attended by partners not only from Latin America but also from other parts of the world, including Europe, the CIS countries and Asia. Overall, the conference exceeded all our expectations!”

What did 1xSlots Partners take away from the event?

With its cultural diversity and business potential, Brazil left a strong impression on the entire team.

The event was held in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and professionalism and allowed the company to assess the potential for scaling up its project from a fresh perspective.

And by the second day of the conference, it had already run out of all its merch! The busy working days with a Brazilian flavour definitely gave this event a unique sense of warmth.

Plans for the future

Based on the results of the trip, 1xSlots Partners intends to actively develop its projects in Latin America. It will also be participating in other major international conferences to grow its network and strengthen its business connections.

A larger team means greater reach in terms of partners, as well as new solutions and ideas for collaborations. In between all the meetings, the company’s team also had plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy the cheery Brazilian vibes. For example, it had a caricaturist working on the stand for the last day of the event, while activities on the other days included air hockey games and rounds of drinks.

1xSlots Partners finally stated: “We’d like to thank our partners and everyone who visited the stand, collected our merchandise and shared their thoughts on the exhibition with us!

“We look forward to seeing you at the next conference in Amsterdam in July!” 

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