“You should surprise your clients and players” – SOFTSWISS CCO explains the key to successful igaming business solutions

Max Trafimovich, CCO at SOFTSWISS / Chief Commercial Officer.
Max Trafimovich, CCO at SOFTSWISS / Chief Commercial Officer.

Focus Gaming News discussed with Max Trafimovich, CCO at SOFTSWISS, what solutions and expertise the company provides to be one of the leaders in the iGaming industry.

Exclusive interview.- In the age of intense industry competition, it is essential to find the right approach to clients and players, anticipate their needs and improve their gaming experience. 

Max Trafimovich, CCO at SOFTSWISS, explains what solutions and expertise the company provides to be one of the leaders in the iGaming industry.

How would you describe the synergy offered by the integration of different SOFTSWISS solutions?

We have created a vast ecosystem of software products, each supporting and complementing the others. We build some kind of iGaming Lego sets to arrange most products into one-stop-shop ‘packages’. By getting one of them, clients can access the others technically with ease and at a lower cost.

For example, our Sportsbook Platform may be either connected in one bundle with the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform (which also acts as a PAM) or integrated into another PAM. This means that operators running iGaming websites without sports can get this functionality from SOFTSWISS via a seamless wallet integration without touching the rest of the business.

As another example, the Sportsbook solution is available via our award-winning Game Aggregator. Getting a sports betting tool becomes a no-brainer if the client is already fetching games via our aggregation platform.

What is more, we have a super flexible, game-agnostic Jackpot Aggregator that will soon be available in one package with the Game Aggregator. This will allow our existing clients to drive their player LTV up a league without too much extra tech work.

Besides an array of products, SOFTSWISS offers various extra services on top. Suppose you want to start an iGaming business. In that case, we can either be involved to a larger extent: procure licensing under the White Label model, cover payment solutions, ensure compliance, provide player support, retention and reactivation, manage content, bonuses and promotions, etc. Or, we can be involved to a minimum extent and act only as a back-office technology partner. 

What are the keys to retaining players in an increasingly competitive market?

I would say there is no single key. It is rather a bunch of multiple sophisticated keys. You should apply versatile retention mechanics and constantly surprise players to keep them coming for more.

SOFTSWISS has built the Jackpot Aggregator that I’ve already mentioned to cover it all. Our clients can create any number of jackpot promotions for various player segments with different hit frequencies and multiple levels. We already see the clients’ results after using this tool, which is inspiring. The data proves that the deposit frequency increases while player engagement and average lifetime grow noticeably. 

In addition to this tool, SOFTSWISS offers many other features: Tournaments, Loot Boxes, Wheels of Fortune, Internal Lotteries, Comp Points, Level Boosters, and Hunting Bonuses. We allow operators to distribute bonuses, prizes and free spins according to their internal logic and connect them (and ultimately players) to our platform via an API.

How popular were the latest updates to your Casino Platform, including the Event Streaming feature that allows you to track any casino activity in real-time?

Reporting in all our products has been real-time for ages. But passing real-time data outside the product interface (e.g. the back-office) is also an important aspect. 

This is especially topical when we collaborate with established operators with years of industry success. Such operators are constantly searching the market for fresh ideas and new partners to boost their business. Once we find each other, we happily provide them with our platforms.

Such operators usually have everything covered in terms of Business Intelligence and Analytics internally; they need just granular data to populate their own reporting. To achieve this, SOFTSWISS has built several tools to suit the needs of any operator. But perhaps the most modern approach is to pass such data via an API, which we call the iGAP. 

“SOFTSWISS has built several tools to suit the needs of any operator.”

Max Trafimovich, CCO at SOFTSWISS / Chief Commercial Officer.

What kind of solutions do you plan to develop in post-pandemic times?

During the pandemic, the consumption of online services increased vividly with the iGaming industry booming in 2020–2021. Consequently, investments in the sector and the competition here have intensified. SOFTSWISS is going to develop solutions to excel in this ever-more-competitive market and do so with a combination of quality, innovation and security – all backed by fast, attentive client service and our decade-long expertise in iGaming and Crypto.

What place does Latin America occupy in your business strategy?

It ranks high, as it is a huge, steadily growing market with a myriad of opportunities. SOFTSWISS is already in partnership with several large-scale operators targeting Brazil and other LatAm countries, and we are pleasantly surprised by their business growth. 

Naturally, we are monitoring regulatory changes in the region. Our experience in regulated markets in Europe and Africa guarantees that we can successfully promote our software and services to the current or soon-to-be-regulated LatAm markets.

“Next year, we will solidify our presence in Latin America, and we sure have a plan for that.”

Max Trafimovich, CCO at SOFTSWISS / Chief Commercial Officer.

What is the offering SOFTSWISS is bringing to SIGMA Malta, considering that it will take place in the run-up to the FIFA World Cup?

The anticipation of the World Cup is an excellent time for us to highlight specifically the feature-rich, fast-performing SOFTSWISS Sportsbook and the one-of-a-kind Jackpot Aggregator (because jackpots can be built on top of sports bets, too). 

And of course, all these SOFTSWISS products will have their spotlight at SiGMA Europe in Malta this month. 

I would take this opportunity to invite you to SOFTSWISS stand S17 cordially. We are bringing a large team and are always extremely excited to discuss business and tech trends. 

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