World Cup boosts UK betting by 50 pct

UK sports betting world cup

England wil lcontribute with the sports betting industry by qualyfying to the knockout stage. (Credits:

UK betting activity has seen a 50 per cent increase as England played its opening game in the FIFA World Cup on Monday.

UK.- The sports betting industry is thriving in the UK as the 2018 FIFA World Cup kicked off last week. According to payment processing firm Worldplay, after England’s debut game on Monday, wagering activity rose by 50 per cent, as some betting companies reported nearly 80 bets per second just before the match started.

“Football fans are not the only ones celebrating England’s win; Britain’s businesses also scored big as supporters bet big during England’s clash with Tunisia,” Worldpay’s Growth – Digital Content & Gambling Vice President Daniel Belda said in a statement. The company, however, noted that the average spend per deposit was seven per cent lower this year, with more casual punters jumping on the wagering action.

The English team’s win on Monday against Tunisia was not only celebrated sports-wise but also by operators who believe that, if the team manages to go through the group stage, their businesses will be boosted by half with every extra match played.

“The World Cup will be a welcome windfall for certain sectors, with online bookmakers in particular set for one of the busiest months of the year,” Belda said.

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