Virginia to vote on new casino

Caesars Entertainment says the casino would create 1,300 jobs.
Caesars Entertainment says the casino would create 1,300 jobs.

Voters are to decide on whether they want a new casino in Danville in a referendum on November 3.

US.- Voters in Virginia will decide if they want to allow a new casino in the state on November 3

Caesars Entertainment wants to invest $400 million in constructing a new casino and hotel resort in the Schoolfield area of the city.

It says the casino would create 1,300 jobs in the area and generate millions in tax revenues.

Caesars’ campaign is headed by strategic advisor Tony Rodio. The committee includes two elected officials, as well as Averett University President Tiffany Franks and minority investor Tammy Wright-Warren.

Delegate Danny Marshall, one of the elected officials, has said: “People will get paid and take that money back to Pittsylvania County. So Pittsylvania County also wins if this passes.”

The other elected official on the committee is Mayor Alonzo Jones, who said the casino is a “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”.

But not everyone is so keen. Ron Scearce on the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors said: “With all the other economic development projects that we’ve had access to, a casino just seems like it’s going to be a detriment. I think it’s going to be a negative impact on the county and no one’s taking that into consideration.”

Virginia has been pushing to expand gaming in the state. Two bills were passed in March to allow land-based and online casinos.