Virginia still pushing for casinos

Virginia still pushing for casinos

Amid the global shut down due to Coronavirus, Virginia continues to push for casinos to be legalised in the state.

US.- Virginia remains interested in getting casinos up and running. Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, the state wants the segment legalised and continues to push for it.

Lawmakers have already approved legislation to launch five casinos in Virginia. However, Governor Ralph Northam still needs to sign it and timing seems a little bit off at the moment.

The new legislation that cleared the Legislature would allow five venues in the state. Moreover, it would launch sports betting in the state as the US market continues to grow.

The Bills exclude Virginia colleges and universities from the new sports betting market following a last-minute battle among lawmakers as to whether allow wagers on college games or not.

Virginia is currently one of only a handful of states that forbid any type of casinos, and historically its legislature has always opposed change.

Nonetheless, assuming Gov. Northam signs the push into Law, referendums still have to take place in Bristol, Danville, Richmond, Norfolk and Portsmouth. Those would be all five locations for the upcoming venues and locals need to approve them before they launch.

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