Virginia casino raises opposition

Virginia casino raises opposition

Some Norfolk residents are questioning whether lawmakers are rushing the vote on a Virginia casino by the Pamunkey Indian Tribe.

US.- A new Pamunkey Indian Tribe casino may soon arrive in Norfolk county. However, some residents are questioning the fast-paced vote on the new Virginia casino.

The authorities have scheduled a vote on the casino for today, but there will be a comment period before it.

Councilwoman Andria McClellan raised several questions in a Facebook post about the deal for the new Virgnia casino.

“As has been noted by others, the idea of this casino has been discussed in closed session by the Council over the course of the last year. In total, I believe the amount of time devoted to these discussions among us has been 3-4 hours,” she wrote.

“I did share with my Council colleagues my concerns that 1) I didn’t think this was a slam dunk with our citizens and they needed to be provided the opportunity to provide input; and, 2) I was neutral on the project and my support, if at all, would be contingent on any revenue being directed to school construction/renovation and flood mitigation.”

The new Virginia casino

The Pamunkey Indian Tribe continues to push to develop a casino in downtown Norfolk. Amid negotiations for it, the tribes assured they may turn nearly US$33 million a year to the city.

The tribe shared its estimates for the potential Pamunkey casino with the City Council. The money it would pay comes from the 4% it would turn from gaming to the government.

Later this month, the City Council may take up approval for the venue. However, Councilwoman Andria McClellan says the lawmakers haven’t discussed the Pamunkey casino properly yet.

“If I’m going to back this, the only way I will is if we can guarantee the money is going to schools and flooding,” McClellan said.

Even as the venue would turn millions to the city, outgoing City Manager Doug Smith was cautious about it.

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