Veikkaus makes online casino loss limits permanent

Finland’s Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo.
Finland’s Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo.

Veikkaus has announced that its online casino limits introduced because of the Covid-19 pandemic have been made permanent.

Finland.- Having already extended them beyond their original expiry date several times, Veikkaus has now confirmed that it has made its temporary online casino loss limits permanent. 

The state-controlled Finnish gambling monopoly introduced its loss limits for online casino in May 2020 due to concerns that the Covid-19 pandemic could cause a rise in problem gaming. 

However, Finland’s government has now passed a degree making the rules permanent as part of general responsible gambling measures.

The limits set the maximum loss per day for Veikkaus online casino games at €500, as opposed to the previous limit of €1,000. The monthly loss limit is €2,000.

The limits had already been extended several times as the Covid-19 pandemic dragged on, with the measure most recently having been extended until June 30.

Finland’s Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo said: “The reduced maximum loss limit has been in use for a year. Loss limits are a good way to prevent gambling harm. 

“In addition to gambling problems, lowering the loss limit will combat over-indebtedness and livelihood problems, and I am pleased that the daily loss limit will be permanently reduced from €1,000 to €500.”

Veikkaus to require ID verification for all slots from July

Veikkaus has announced that all of its slot machines will require player authentication from July 2021.

Veikkaus initially launched ID verification for its network of slots at third-party locations in January but had not yet expanded the requirement to its own gaming halls, which operate under the Feel Vegas and Pelaamo brands, or to Casino Helsinki in Finland’s capital.

Feel Vegas and Pelaamo sites will temporarily close their ticket-operated slots while the machines are updated. Slot machines at Casino Hellsinki are expected to remain open but a casino card will be needed to use them.

Veikkaus reported a 32.6 per cent drop in profits for 2020 due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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