US may set federal oversight over sports betting

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The US Senate could push a sports betting federal framework. (Credits:

The US Congress will consider a draft legislation that would set federal oversight to sports betting as it expands in the country.

US.- Sports betting has already been legalised in several states and many other US governments will look into the segment after the Supreme Court struck PASPA down earlier this year. Even as each state regulates its own industry, the US Congress is set to debate a recently introduced draft legislation that would set federal oversight to the sports betting industry.

The proposal was submitted by retiring Senator Orrin Hatch and would ask states to apply for a US attorney general’s approval prior to set their own laws for the segment. Furthermore, sportsbook operators would be required to use official league data to grade wagers and create a mechanism for authorities to address the unregulated operators’ issue.

Sen. Hatch’s proposal would create the National Sports Wagering Clearinghouse, a body designed to monitor unusual betting patterns in order to protect sports integrity. In order to accomplish its goal, it would collect sports betting data in real-time, such as the amount and type of wagers, date and time in which the bet was accepted, where it was placed and the outcome.

“Since the Supreme Court’s ruling in May, the American Gaming Association has consistently maintained that federal legislation regarding sports betting is not necessary. That underlying position remains unchanged,” Chris Cylke, vice president of government relations for the American Gaming Association said in a statement. “At the same time, we remain committed to maintaining an open and constructive dialogue with policymakers considering sports betting legislation at any level of government.”

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