UKGC to investigate Ladbrokes

Credits: Cisco Meraki.
Credits: Cisco Meraki.

The UK Gambling Commission may evaluate Ladbrokes’ register of local players.

UK.- The national government announced another measure to control the gaming activity in the United Kingdom, which has been under scrutiny for the past few months. The new probe will be focused on sports betting players’ sensitive data registration in UK Ladbrokers’ online and land-based platforms.

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has begun the initiative as the local press reported that a resident from Glasgow obtained Ladbrokes customers’ information from a trash bin near one of the company’s venues in the Scottish city. The complete players’ file includes personal information, names, addresses and photographs.

The governmental organisation has immediately launched the probe into Ladbrokes’ operations as gaming companies are not allowed to supply sensitive data about its customers, as Casino News Daily revealed. Furthermore, the sports betting operator also released an internal investigation to find out why the file ended up in the streets.

Since late 2016, the UKGC and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) have announced several investigations on gaming operations. Last Monday, the CMA has revealed a report on gaming operations that may be breaking the law due to possible frauds on promotions. The government has also reinforced measures against gaming publicity, online gaming software, casino and eSports services.

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