Labour leader calls for UK online casino licence review

Labour leader calls for UK online casino licence review

Many operators were told to improve their standards and the spotlight has been set on UK online casino licence holders.

The UK Labour Party’ deputy leader, Tom Watson, has urged the gaming commission to order a review on UK’s online casino licence holders.

UK.- A major hit may be on its way to UK online casino licence holders after a recent request. Through a letter, the Labour Party’ deputy leader, Tom Watson, has urged the UKGC to review all licences issued after 2014.

Mr Watson says all licences granted after 2014 should be re-issued after many operators were asked to improve their standards.

In the letter, Watson says: “A gambling licence should be a hallmark of credibility and trust. It should not be seen as an opportunity for operators to push the limits of their conditions and responsibilities.

“The regulator cannot be in a position where it is continually playing catch-up to an opaque and agile global industry. We need a structured response to the situation. This will require a total overhaul of our register of current remote sector licences.

“This review would be an opportunity for existing remote licence holders to re-apply for the privilege of operating and marketing in the UK.”

UKGC’s investigations

The UKGC recently revealed that as part of an ongoing investigation into the online casino sector, four gambling businesses will have to pay a total of €5.1 million in penalty packages.

The regulator said that the penalty packages are in relation to the businesses failings to put in place an effective scheme to prevent money laundering and keep consumers safe from gambling harm.

Firstly, InTouch Games Limited will pay €2.5 million and Betit Operations Limited will pay €1.6 million. Further, MT Secure Trade will pay €804k in lieu of financial penalties, while BestBet will pay a penalty of €265.5k.

The UKGC said that the new penalty packages set are part of an ongoing investigation. Over the last year and a half, the regulator has conducted assessments of, or engaged with, 123 online operators. Of the 45 told to submit an action plan to raise standards, 38 have already shown signs of improvement.

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