Gambling industry ‘easy’ target for UK government

Gambling industry ‘easy’ target for UK government

Richard Littler QC and Ian Whitehurst from Exchange Chambers say the government may target the sector as it looks to raise funds.

UK.- The gambling industry is an ‘easy’ target for the UK government to bully during and after the Coronavirus pandemic, according to two barristers.

The UK government will look to raise funds during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, according to Richard Littler QC and Ian Whitehurst from Exchange Chambers.

The two barristers said in a press briefing that the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) could begin to fine a gambling company’s turnover while being handed greater power by the government with public support on-side.

They wrote: “There is a risk of the Commission becoming judge, jury and executioner with operators becoming compliant for fear of something worse occurring.

“The risk is dramatically increased if the fines in future are or could be linked to the overall turnover of the corporate enterprise.

“Following the current Covid-19 crisis, there will no doubt be an increase in licensing and regulatory activity across a number of industrial sectors, with a view in substantial part to generating funds for the Treasury.

“The gambling industry will not be immune from further regulatory activity and may be perceived as a somewhat ‘easy mark’ in a changed political and economic landscape.”

The UK government has already called out footballers for not taking wage cuts during the crisis, whilst failing to do the same for many billionaire-owned companies that have requested bailouts.

Meanwhile, the UKGC recently warned operators in the country to be responsible during the Coronavirus crisis.

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