Transactions’ perks will be explained in Georgia

Globalisation in gaming industry, which means the recognition of Internet as the leader of the kingdom, will be the main topic in all seminars and debates in the European country.

Georgia.- 2016’s edition of Georgia Gaming Congress, set for February 25, is expected to generate great impact in the minds of the gaming industry for the next generation. Dynamic Currency Conversion -DDC- system will play a leading role in connecting all sectors’ transactions for the casinos business, especially since it’s been on the spotlight of online gambling operations.

Fexco, the developer of treasury management services to Irish banks, was the first company to introduce DCC system to the country. Now, its head of global sales, Roger Mechri, will explain more about its functioning in the European conference at the end of the month. The audience will learn why it can be profitable for a company that players pay in any currency whilst operators receive American dollars, as the company will make a profit thanks to the margin applied to the transaction.

In Georgia Gaming Congress Mechri, a well-known Marketing and Business manager, will focus on international payments that could be improved in order to simplify foreign customers transactions. Furthermore, Playtech’s Head of Global Sales will teach about the advantages all companies can perceive when they accept and implement Dynamic Currency Conversion.