Tjasa Luin, CEO of Alfastreet: “My 20 years at Alfastreet have been a wealth of invaluable experience”

Tjasa Luin, CEO at Alfastreet.
Tjasa Luin, CEO at Alfastreet.

Focus Gaming News sat down with Tjasa Luin, CEO of Alfastreet who is celebrating her 20th anniversary at the company, to talk about her journey so far, the evolving gaming landscape, and her vision for the future.

Exclusive interview.- Join us for an exclusive interview with Tjasa Luin, CEO of Alfastreet, as she celebrates two decades at the forefront of gaming innovation. Reflecting on her journey and the evolution of Alfastreet, Tjasa shares her insights into the company’s growth and future direction in an ever-changing industry.

Can you take us back to the beginning of your journey with Alfastreet? What drew you to the company, and how did your role evolve over the years?

My early days at Alfastreet coincided with a period of remarkable growth. The company was undergoing a significant expansion of its facilities, and during the initial phase, I found myself directly involved in managing the construction plans and ensuring their successful execution.

The prospect of career advancement primarily drove the decision to join Alfastreet. The owner and the then-CEO outlined exciting opportunities for professional development, which ultimately convinced me to relocate back to the Karst region and begin my career here.

While at Alfastreet, I undertook a Master’s degree in Management, specializing in Negotiation, to integrate my academic development with my on-the-job skill set. My initial role at Alfastreet was Assistant Director, collaborating directly with both the owner and the CEO. I officially assumed the CEO position following the company restructuring in 2011.

Alfastreet has been a prominent figure in the gaming industry for over 30 years. How have you seen the industry evolve during your tenure, and what pivotal moments stand out to you?

Witnessing Alfastreet’s development over the last two decades has been fascinating. The industry landscape has transformed considerably, with substantial changes across all its sectors. Interestingly, stricter gaming regulations have presented advantages also for manufacturers.

The rise of competition is something we welcome. It underscores the enduring value our customers place on quality, comprehensive services and long-term partnerships. Our satisfied customer base is a testament to this commitment.

As you celebrate your 20th anniversary with the company, what achievements are you most proud of personally and for Alfastreet as a whole?

It is challenging to pinpoint a single achievement I’m most proud of. Our industry is fast-paced and unpredictable, constantly throwing challenges our way. However, navigating the recent global crises that impacted all producers stands out as a major accomplishment. We implemented effective strategies that not only helped us weather the storm but also fueled our rapid recovery.

Another immense source of pride is our team. I have a group of long-term colleagues by my side, cooperating with me on strategic plans and charting the company’s future course. As a team, we believe we’re at our peak – combining experience, knowledge, and the energy to propel Alfastreet further. Our goal in the next five years is to solidify our position as a leading ETG producer.

Fostering a positive company culture is also of great importance. We prioritize building strong relationships within our team. Additionally, we offer family-friendly policies, including flexible work hours and vacation options that align with school holidays. 

Every five years, we celebrate milestones with internal and external events, reminding ourselves of our journey and aspirations for the future.

Leading a company for such a significant amount of time undoubtedly comes with challenges. What were some of the most notable obstacles you faced during your tenure, and how did you overcome them?

Absolutely. Running a company of this size presents challenges, which I’ve always embraced. It’s during these moments that finding creative solutions to satisfy diverse needs becomes most crucial, especially when tackling global crises – major obstacles for our industry. 

In such difficult economic times, effective leadership truly matters. That’s where our strong team comes in, working together to cultivate a stable and supportive environment for both our employees and partners. This collaborative approach has turned out to be highly valuable in confronting past challenges.

“In such difficult economic times, effective leadership truly matters.”

Tjasa Luin, CEO at Alfastreet.

Innovation is often key in the gaming industry. How does Alfastreet stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology and game development, and what role do you play in driving innovation within the company?

At Alfastreet, we believe in standing out from the crowd. Our strategy is clear: offering unique products that differentiate us in the marketplace. We achieve this through distinct design and engaging content, ensuring our machines are instantly recognizable on any gaming floor. 

Alfastreet products have always showcased a signature style, the result of Mr. Iztok Počkaj’s direct involvement in design. He crafts revolutionary yet appropriate product lines that are unlike anything else on the market. I share his passion for aesthetics. I believe I have an eye for design, so I actively participate in the design process. 

While our team doesn’t always agree on everything, we strive to find solutions and compromises that prioritize the player experience, but also consider the operator’s needs. Nevertheless, striking the balance between design and usability can be challenging, especially when it comes to the choice of materials, which can greatly impact the final product’s price.

The global gaming market is constantly evolving. What strategies does Alfastreet employ to adapt to changing consumer preferences and regulatory landscapes?

You are right. The market landscape has undergone significant changes. Today’s operators have higher expectations than ever before. Here at Alfastreet, we have a dedicated team that continuously monitors legislative changes and seeks efficient solutions to make sure our products are swiftly certified and launched in various markets.

While certification procedures can sometimes be lengthy, we understand that regulatory bodies face a complex environment with increased regulations and bureaucracy. This, unfortunately, can lead to extended deadlines, potentially causing frustration among operators.

Looking ahead, what are your visions and goals for the future of Alfastreet? How do you plan to continue the company’s success and maintain its position as a leader in the gaming industry?

At Alfastreet, we are passionate about constant innovation – the drive to continually improve never stops. In recent years, we’ve placed a strong emphasis on sales, development, and upgrading existing products. While we currently operate exclusively in the land-based segment, we closely monitor online gaming trends to stay at the forefront of the industry.

This year, we unveiled the innovative V-line at London Ice, alongside advancements in SW content. We continuously invest in HW and SW development, utilizing rigorous testing processes with field data to gain a deeper understanding of user preferences. Our ambitions are clear: to maintain Alfastreet’s global reputation while expanding our market share in targeted regions. We are confident that the conditions are now in place for us to achieve these goals.

“While we currently operate exclusively in the land-based segment, we closely monitor online gaming trends to stay at the forefront of the industry.”

Tjasa Luin, CEO at Alfastreet.

Throughout your career, what lessons have you learned that you would like to pass on to aspiring leaders in the gaming or tech sectors?

My 20 years at Alfastreet have been a wealth of invaluable experience, applicable not just to gaming but to any leadership role. It’s a unique industry – highly regulated yet dynamic, with some games retaining a surprising level of tradition. This means you need to carefully consider each step, as mistakes are costly.

For me, a leader must first strongly believe in the company’s products and vision. Only then can they effectively lead the team towards further growth. Adaptability is essential in this fast-paced environment. Our “artisan” approach, fostering swift and consistent communication that leads to optimal solutions, might be more effective than a heavy corporate structure.

Personally, I lean towards a conservative leadership style, but I am also prepared to take risks when I recognize opportunities for the company’s growth. Finding the right balance can be tough, but our track record of achieving goals over the years suggests our approach works.

How would you describe a day in the life of your role at Alfastreet?

Since my teenage years, I’ve sought a workplace that embraces creativity, independence, and strong work organization. These qualities were crucial when I began my career after college. I am really into collaboration, communication, tackling daily challenges and resolving disputes. 

While I entered the gaming industry by chance, I’ve come to love it for its diverse opportunities. As someone who thrives in operational environments and enjoys dynamic work, I find my role at Alfastreet highly fulfilling.

Lastly, on a more personal note, what fuels your passion for the gaming industry, and what advice would you give to individuals aspiring to pursue a career in this field?

The gaming industry holds a unique charm for me. It offers a perfect blend of adrenaline, innovation, and personal growth. Every role within this industry allows you to contribute your expertise and be constantly inspired. 

Even after 20 years, I find it incredibly stimulating – like an absorbing hobby where time flies by. Combine that with strong personal relationships built within the company, and you have a recipe for lasting motivation. Witnessing the impact of our work and the resulting sense of accomplishment fuels an extra adrenaline rush, further solidifying my passion for this industry.

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