Tjasa Luin Peric, Alfastreet: “This year’s show is all about deepening our connections and celebrating three decades of success together”

Tjasa Luin Peric, CEO at Alfastreet.
Tjasa Luin Peric, CEO at Alfastreet.

In the framework of the company’s 30th anniversary, Tjasa Luin Peric, CEO of Alfastreet, anticipates an unforgettable attendance at ICE London 2024.

Exclusive interview.- Alfastreet is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, which is reason enough for the company to go all out for ICE London 2024.

In this exclusive interview with Focus Gaming News, Tjasa Luin Peric, CEO at Alfastreet, gave details about the company’s plans for the event, the last edition in London, what products they plan to present and what Alfastreet’s goals are for the coming months.

ICE London 2024 will be a very significant edition since it is the last one that will be held in London. What does it mean to Alfastreet to be part of such an important event?

This year’s show holds special significance for Alfastreet as we commemorate our 30th anniversary. It presents a perfect opportunity for us to connect with all our customers and partners. Recognizing the busy nature of the show, we have planned an after-show gathering on the first day. This event will allow us to dedicate quality time to our customers, something that the hustle of the show day might not permit. 

In anticipation of a greater need for in-depth discussions, we’ve expanded our lounge and meeting area. We’re gearing up for more meetings and interactions, ensuring that each of our visitors receives the attention and engagement they deserve. This year’s show is all about deepening our connections and celebrating three decades of success together.

“We’re gearing up for more meetings and interactions, ensuring that each of our visitors receives the attention and engagement they deserve.”

Tjasa Luin Peric, CEO at Alfastreet.

Do you think there will be any significant changes in the 2025 edition, which will be held in Barcelona in July?

We are very optimistic about next year’s show and delighted with the move to the beautiful Spanish city of Barcelona. From a business standpoint, Barcelona offers superior advantages compared to London for several reasons. 

The Spanish market presents increased business opportunities for us, and the location is ideal for meeting Spanish operators who don’t regularly travel to London. We plan to celebrate this exciting change of venue in Barcelona with our partners and customers, and we have many surprises to show. Barcelona’s charm and superior hospitality offerings make it an ideal host for the next edition of this international gaming show, and we eagerly await the opportunity to welcome everyone there.

What innovative products are you planning to showcase at ICE London?

Last year, we focused on launching new products, including cabinets and software solutions. However, this upcoming ICE will be marked by additional novelties

Currently, we’re keeping the specifics a secret as we aim to surprise our customers directly at the event without revealing too much beforehand. We are enhancing our recently introduced products to simplify operations while also aiming to heighten comfort and excitement for players with soon-to-be-revealed post-show upgrades.

Alfastreet consistently invests in development, understanding the diverse demands of different markets. The success of our products hinges on our deep comprehension of each gaming floor’s unique needs. This ongoing commitment to innovation and market insight is a cornerstone of our approach and key to our continued success in the gaming industry.

The firm unveiled its gaming terminals Virgo, Verso, Lucky 8, and L5 at G2E Las Vegas 2023. What feedback did you receive from customers since then? What reception did the products receive?

Lucky 8 continues to be Alfastreet’s top-selling product, renowned for its compact design and innovative software solutions, making it a high performer on gaming floors. The 5-station roulette from the Lucky Line series has recently gained popularity, particularly appealing for locations with smaller footprints. 

Alfastreet has always excelled in creating single terminals, notably for their elegant and unique designs. Sales of the Verso began last year, and we anticipate a surge in orders in 2024 as it stands out as a unique masterpiece on the floor. The 2024 Verso model will offer more interior space and new technical features that will be beneficial for both operators and players. 

This model is set to be a winning combination that meets a variety of needs across different gaming floors. The initial feedback and results from the first launched products have been outstanding, and with further modifications, the Verso is poised to become an unbeatable product in the single-player station segment.

The last edition of G2E Las Vegas was one of the best gaming shows in the US, attracting visitors not just from North America but also from Latin American countries, where Alfastreet already holds a significant market share.

“Alfastreet has always excelled in creating single terminals, notably for their elegant and unique designs.”

Tjasa Luin Peric, CEO at Alfastreet.

What do you expect for 2024?

Last year was exceptionally successful for Alfastreet, and we’re heading into 2024 with an optimistic sales outlook. Our recent product launches have been well-received by both players and operators, and our diverse solutions are adept at meeting the varied demands of different markets. 

In the aftermath of Covid-19, we’ve had to modify our strategies to align with the changed circumstances, which are quite distinct from the era before this crisis. Recognizing that some operators continue to face operational difficulties, we’ve adjusted our approach to be more accommodating, offering greater flexibility in trials and payment terms.

While 2024 may not be an easy year for manufacturers and will likely bring its own challenges, we maintain an optimistic outlook. Alfastreet’s focus for 2024 will be on developing new software content, with the aim of introducing these fresh innovations to our customers at the Barcelona 2025 event.

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