The Slot Summit started in Berlin

The European Slot Summit will conclude on April 20.

The European casino industry has gathered for three days in the German capital with around 100 organisation taking part of the event.

Germany.- The European Slot Summit started yesterday (Monday) in Berlin with leading figures from the continent’s casino industry, who have gathered to learn about the new technologies and gaming development facing the gaming floor.

The Summit, organised by Clarion Events, has a top notch speaker line up, including conferences from Lucien Wijsman, Paul Steelman, Dallas Orchard, Sonya Nikolova, Elena Shaterova, Sebastian Brenninkmeijer, Michael Brennan, Mark Michet and Owen Hury.

For the first time, this edition of the Slot Summit has an additional Technical conference stream focusing on the future technical needs of the industry. The speaker line-up comprises organisations such as 3M, JCM Global, TransAct Technologies, CPI and BMM.

“We’ve built upon the feedback from attendees at last year’s Summit in Bucharest and this year I believe it is our best agenda yet, covering the trends that people in the slot machine industry need to know over the next 5 years,” said Lucien Wijsman, Head of Content at the Slot Summit. “Are e-sports just a craze or here to stay? How will we support touchscreen technology and live games? What will the future gaming floor look like? Is there power bonusing in-play? These, and many more questions, will all be answered over the next 3 days!”

StylGame sponsored the Summit entertainment, including an evening at Spielbank Berlin, with dinner and a performance by the ‘Soul Brothers’, Chris and Geoff Dahl.