The Gaming Regulatory Framework will be discussed in February in Brazil

The Gambling Regulatory Framework is unlocked.
The Gambling Regulatory Framework is unlocked.

No longer needing to be dealt with in commissions, the text is expected to be debated in deputies in February next year.

Brazil.- No longer needing to be dealt with in commissions, it is expected that the Gaming Regulatory text will be debated in Deputies in February of next year.

According to the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), the deputies should now start the discussion. However, as announced, the vote on the text will continue in February.

The text that replaces PL 442/91 was prepared by federal deputy Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE) within the framework of the Working Group created by Arthur Lira in September.

It proposes the legalization of all types of games of chance, such as casinos integrated with resorts, urban casinos, sports betting, bingo and horse racing.

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At the beginning of this week, the evangelical group had managed to postpone the analysis of the request. 

According to what was reported, the parties linked to the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God were the only ones who voted against the urgent request, which had been issued last Saturday and dated Monday the 13th.

That day, the evangelical parliamentarians acted in plenary session, saying they were “terribly against” the project and managed to postpone the analysis of the urgent request due to lack of a quorum. 

On this occasion, the vice president of the Chamber Marcelo Ramos (PL-AM) withdrew the request from the agenda after the evangelical caucus directed its members not to register their presence in the plenary session.

The coordinator of the Working Group, Deputy Bacelar (Podemos / BA), had already stated on several occasions in recent days that the intention was to vote on the Regulatory Framework for this year’s Games and the support of President Arthur Lira was essential for your approval. of the project.

The proposal to establish the Gambling Regulatory Framework

The substitute text proposes the creation of the National Gaming System (Sinaj), made up of a federal regulatory and supervisory body, operational entities, betting agents, territorial entities, and accounting and operational auditing companies.

Likewise, the document proposes the creation of a “National Policy for the Protection of Gamblers and Gamblers”, as well as the implementation of the National Registry of Gamblers and Gamblers and criteria for the prevention of money laundering.

Among these criteria, it was defined that no operation in physical money can be carried out, in order to track all financial transactions of the operator and also of the player.

The proposal establishes a gaming and betting inspection fee (Tafija), with values ​​defined according to the modality to be explored, which must be paid quarterly, as well as the application of income tax in the GGR, as well as the tax. on the bettor’s prize of 20 per cent.

The document also establishes the Cide-Games Contribution for Intervention in the economic sphere, 25 per cent of the games sold online and 20 per cent of the sales in physical establishments, the amounts of which will be distributed among the Union, States and Municipalities.

In the plenary, the text can be modified in the form of amendments and then referred to the Senate. 

The opposition to the project linked to the arms bank wants to remove the chapter that deals with bingo halls, alleging inspection difficulties and problems derived from the past when bingo halls operated in Brazil without the current technology for tracking resources and correct and fair operation. of the modality.