Tennessee gubernatorial candidates discuss sports betting

The two men aiming to become the next Governor of the state discussed the possibility of legalising the gambling modality.

US.- Republican Bill Lee and Democrat Karl Dean faced off in a debate this weekend and discussed the chances of bringing sports betting to Tennessee. The two politicians are aiming to become the next Governor of the state.

States in the US are quickly noticing the benefits that sports betting could bring when it comes to their budgets and finances. While there are currently a number of states that have already legalised the modality, others are discussing the pros and cons and trying to come up with regulations to launch their markets.

While Lee believes that organised betting can lead to organised crime, Dean said that they should take advantage of the newly legalised market. “We are going to have every state surrounding our state with sports betting and people will be going to those states spending money instead of here,” Dean said.

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