Tasmania to ban Lottoland’s operations

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Credits: Lottoland

The Australian state is set to ban Lottoland’s operations in a move to prohibit synthetic lotteries.

Australia.- Tasmania is joining the trend of Australian states that banned operations from Lottoland as the Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business Roger Jaensch announced that the state government is annalysing a legislation to ban ‘synthetic lotterie’s.

Whilst customers don’t participate in lottery draws, synthetic lotteries allow them to bet on the outcome of the lottery for prizes that equal the value of the lottery jackpots. The Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business said that the modality is not welcome in the state and that legal work to prohibit Lottoland is near.

Last week, New South Wales’ government reported that new restriction on the operations of the company were being studied. Lottoland has been accused of causing a major dip in tax revenue from local lotteries. Deputy Premier John Barilaro said that the government needs to protect those customers that have been hurt by the outcome of a lottery. “Synthetic lotteries do not have the same level of consumer protection as domestic lotteries. A domestic lottery has a guaranteed prize pool, and is bound by strict terms and conditions and robust regulations. A synthetic lottery, on the other hand, is no more than online gambling.”

Moreover, Western Australia also reported last month that it wanted to protect Lotterywest after figures revealed more locals are choosing online services. The thriving segment is hurting traditional lottery and reduces the chances of Western Australians buying lotto tickets generating a US$47.9 million slump in Lotterywest sales last financial year.