Tasmania may ban gaming operations

The government of Tasmania is assessing a proposal to remove gaming machines from hotels and clubs.

Australia.- The government of Australian state of Tasmania has shared the latest probe on gaming industry, showing the intentions of prohibiting gaming operations among local clubs and hotel. The Future Gaming Markets Report proposes a long-term project to determine the potential measures to establish a different gaming industry by 2023.

According to the chairman of the committee in charge of the investigation, Mike Gaffney, MLC, gaming machines in hotels and clubs were a good proposal in the 90s, however, authorities and society do not consider gaming industry as a positive market anymore.

“The introduction of…Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) into hotels and clubs in the 90s was promoted as potentially making a positive financial contribution to a somewhat stagnant Tasmanian Economy. However, evidence suggests that in today’s economy, the contribution of the ‘Gaming Sector’ makes far less impact overall to the State revenue, especially in comparison with other jurisdictions,” Gaffney commented.

“However, after considering testimony from social organisations, community groups and those affected by problem gambling, it must also be recognised that the impacts of gambling, especially EGMs, for some individuals, family members and the wider community can be exceptionally damaging.”

Concerns over poker machines in Tasmanian suburbs have caused turmoil between the state’s hoteliers group and Labor MP Madeleine Ogilvie. The representative for Denison (which includes Glenorchy, where the most money is spent on machines) commented against the machines, in difference to her party’s position.

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