Synergy Blue announces new arcade-style gambling game: Area 50 Fun

Synergy Blue announces new arcade-style gambling game: Area 50 Fun

Get Ready for some interactive, intergalactic fun you can bet on with Synergy Blue’s latest release: Area 50 Fun.

Press release.- Synergy Blue, the premier provider of “fun you can bet on” and interactive, arcade-style casino gaming experiences, today debuted a new addition to their library of skill-influenced gambling games: Area 50 Fun. Housed on the sleek new 2600 XL cabinet, Area 50 Fun takes players on an out-of-this-world gambling experience with interactive play and immersive, arcade-style hardware tailor-made for the casino gaming floor. With Area 50 Fun, Synergy Blue again presents more diverse choices for guests and operators alike, drawing in a new era of gamers and gamblers.

Area 50 Fun is an arcade shooting game where players protect an old western town from dusty alien outlaws set on taking over the world! With a quick draw, tight aim and some help from Lady Luck, players blast aliens back to their home planet for a chance to hit it big and collect some bounty along the way. Designed for play on Synergy Blue’s 2600 XL cabinet, Area 50 Fun attracts today’s gamers and gamblers with immersive arcade-style gameplay and unique, eye-catching hardware — complete with an arcade light gun and hidden easter eggs that transport Vegas fans back in time.

“When we set out to make interactive gambling games that just about anyone can enjoy, Area 50 Fun is exactly what we had in mind. It’s a great addition to our library and a very unique game to have on the casino floor,” said Amanda Vance, CEO of Synergy Blue. “It’s the perfect blend of gaming and gambling, giving operators something different to market while providing players with a new, exciting way to gamble.”

Area 50 Fun is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Korean and Chinese, and features multiple gambling variations, allowing operators to adjust the gameplay to the unique preferences and needs of their guests. It will be available in multiple jurisdictions including CA, OK, NV, and FL, and just like traditional slot games, players can alter their bet, or cash out, at any point of play.

With arcade-style hardware that’s easily recognizable and nostalgic for today’s players, Synergy Blue’s products offer something different to attract and retain those players who might not typically play wagering games, giving operators new marketing opportunities and a new demographic of customers. Built on the patented HAWG® platform, Synergy Blue’s expansive library of skill-influenced, arcade-style games allows operators to meet regulations while providing the engagement and interactivity that today’s players expect from their gaming experiences.

Area 50 Fun and the 2600 XL cabinet, along with the rest of Synergy Blue’s suite of arcade-style games, are currently available for sale or lease.

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