Sudbury launches public poll

Sudbury launches public poll

Sudbury authorities have released a public poll focused on finding out residents’ opinions on a new casino.

Canada.- Sudbury officials are assessing residents’ opinions on construction of a new casino in the Canadian city, although councillors have not determined their position yet. Authorities will further debate on the proposal before releasing an official statement on the issue. After the first debate, councilors shared their views.

“As I have stated numerous times since 2014, I am not in favour of any major projects until we have adequately addressed infrastructure and essential services for the people. This includes a casino, even though one wasn’t listed in the major projects,” Sudbury’s Councilor Michael Vagnini said. “If we can’t find the money in the city to fix these essential issues how can the city possibly promote exporting many millions of disposable dollars out of the city through a casino? Direct those monies into fixing what we have instead.”

However, the opinions are diverse, as other councillors agree on approving a casino. Evelyn Dutrisac commented: “My dream would be to have the casino at Sudbury Downs, but we have no control over that.” And added: “They’re going to be creating more than 200 jobs … and they’ll be building good restaurants. The people of my ward were supportive of the casino on The Kingsway.”

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment has announced earlier this year that the company joined a project that includes the True North Strong Group that seeks the construction of a new entertainment district in Sudbury, Canada. The company needs the approval of local government to develop the project.

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