Sports betting could arrive in Wyoming

Sports betting could arrive in Wyoming

As the segment thrives nationwide, sports betting legislation has arrived in the Wyoming House and lawmakers will debate whether to approve it.

US.- The sports betting industry continues to take over the US. However, there are still many states which have yet to legalise the segment, nearly two years after PASPA’s revokation.

One of the states without sports betting is Wyoming, which is looking to change its status. The state will debate a bill that arrived in the House this week: HB 0225.

Representative Tom Walters and Senator Ogden Driskill sponsor the bill and hope it’ll pass.

Sports betting in Wyoming would require a  US$20k licence fee, with a US$10k renewal fee.

Casino changes

The Northern Arapaho Tribe has new leaderships that intends to generate more revenue. As part of that move, the tribe announced a change in philosophy at a meeting last week and will emphasise on producing more revenue instead of being a job provider.

Northern Arapaho CEO Brian Van Enkenvoort said: “The casino will be moving from a job provider to a revenue producer.” He added that the primary goal of the casino will be to provide more revenue for the tribe. However, it’s still unclear how that will affect jobs at the casino.

Currently, the tribe is the largest employer in Fremont County. It features three casinos in Wyoming: Wind River Hotel & Casino, 789 Smokeshop and Casino and the Little Wind Casino. The facilities empty more than 500 and the tribe says that 80% are Northern Arapaho members.

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