Sports betting in Montana makes progress

Sports betting in Montana makes progress

Both the House and the Senate have passed separate bills.

Separate bills to legalise sports betting in Montana continue to advance in the Legislature and may soon pass, launching the segment in the state.

US.- Gambling continues to open up in the US as new legislation passes and clears different segments. That’s why two bills to legalise sports betting in Montana may soon be voted on and approve the growing industry.

The two separate bills have just been approved by one chamber each and continue to progress. While the House of Representatives passed House Bill 725 passed and sent it to the Senate, they approved SB 330.

“I think it’s an exciting time for sports betting in Montana,” Representive Ryan Lynch, HB 725 sponsor, said. “There are a lot of proposals that are being debated up here, and we’ll see what comes out in the final days.” With an 88-10 vote two weeks ago, his bill sailed through the House and had its first Senate hearing on Wednesday.

Senator Mark Blasdel’s proposal also passed, as the Senate voted in its favour last week and sent it to the House.

“It’s an exciting thing for taverns to be able to have another additional way to bring people into their establishments,” Blasdel told MTN News. “Maybe a different form of customer that they traditionally don’t have. It’s just a different form of entertainment for people and there’s been a lot of interest in it.”

HB 725 would give the Montana Lottery the power to control the sports betting industry in the state. On the other hand, through SB 330, lawmakers intend to get the Department of Justice to oversee the segment in Montana.

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