Sports Betting in Tennessee arises concerns

Sports Betting in Tennessee arises concerns

Tennessee may soon approve a sports betting liberalisation.

An official from the University of Tennessee has voiced the institution’s concerns on sports betting legislation.

US.- As state lawmakers are reviewing the possibility to jump into the expanding segment, the University of Tennessee has voiced its concern about the segment’s legislation. University Director of Policy Analysis Josh Warren spoke before a House committee bill and explained there are issues related to college programs that professional teams don’t have.

“These are college students as well,” Warren told the House State Committee. “So, we just want to be very mindful of the surroundings of a college campus,” he added and suggested fellow students may propose athletes to perform according to certain individual bets.

Back in January, state Representative Rick Staples unveiled the “Tennessee Sports Gaming Act”, which is aimed to allow local governments to decide whether they’re interested or not in allowing sports betting in the state.

Staples said that the bill intends to allow the state to have a new source of income, and explained that billions of dollars leave Tennesse to neighbouring states with casino and table gaming. “So, this is a new stream of revenue that the federal government is allowing the states to take advantage of,” he explained.

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