South Africa moves towards gambling regulation

south africa gambling bill

South African lawmakers could change the gambling amendment bill and make it more industry-friendly. (Credits:

Lawmakers seem to be more keen on passing the National Gambling Amendment Bill.

South Africa.- Gambling regulation updates have raised controversy in South Africa as the National Gambling Amendment Bill has been under scrutiny in the Legislature for a while. However, according to Cape Town-based gaming lawyer Garron Whitesman, the tide seems to have changed and progress may be made in the near future.

“Whilst it is still very early days in the process, it appears that a positive watershed moment may have been reached in policy as the position overtly adopted by the members of the Portfolio Committee was materially different to that adopted a number of years ago when the issue was previously considered,” Whitesman told news outlet iGamingBusiness and added: “A much more realistic and sensible view seems to be being adopted by the parliamentarians ultimately responsible for the setting of gambling policy in South Africa.”

The specialist had considered the bill to be “flawed, unrealistic and nonsensical policies” back in July, but lawmakers from both the ruling African National Congress (ANC) and opposition Democratic Alliance members were critical of its content earlier this week and raised optimism for the industry. “I am very hopeful that this is the beginning of a meaningful and appropriate change that is very long overdue,” Whitesman stated.

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