Single-event sports betting bill to be reintroduced in Canada

After four years, Bill-C 290 is given another chance.

Canadian MP announced plans to reintroduce a bill regarding wagering on single-game sports in the country.

Canada.- Democratic Party MP for the Windsor West area of Canada, Brian Masse, plans to make a new attempt to pass a bill first introduced four years ago with the purpose of wagering on single-game sports and decriminalising bets on single-game sports in the country.

Last year, the initiative faced opposition as the deputy commissioner of the North American NHL ice hockey competition, Bill Daly, wrote the MP a missive voicing his criticism in regards to Bill-C 290. This has not deterred Masse decision to return with Bill-C 290, aiming to expand sports betting in the country.

Currently, Canadians can only make parlay or multiple wagers via their provincial lottery providers and bets ought to be placed on two or more sporting events at once. Other ways of sport betting is forbidden in the country.

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